“There’s always another level up… More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

WHAT IF your physical challenges like back or joint pain, headaches, skin issues, or digestive problems could be resolved without drugs or supplements, injections, or surgery? WHAT IF X-Rays show arthritis, or MRI or CT scans show bulging discs or other issues, and that is NOT what is causing the pain??

I recently picked up an old book, published in 1991, that I read many years ago, and thought I understood. I thought I knew about the body/mind connection. That I knew about how emotions affect our body. After all, deeply listening to my body – and my clients’ bodies – is a big part of my Medical Intuitive Energy Healing sessions.

What I discovered is that my brain was saying “I know this stuff – I use it all the time.” And yet, I was still dealing with some pain and challenges. So I picked up the book with new eyes, and a new openness to the ideas. And, WOW!!

The book is “Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection” by John E. Sarno, M.D. In a nutshell, he is saying that most of our pain and many other health challenges are caused by emotions we don’t want to feel. So, our sneaky brains say “Oh, look over there, you have pain in your _____ (fill in the blank).” We focus on the pain and get to continue to ignore our emotions. And, we can get very focused on the pain and treatments for the pain, and continue to repress our emotions – especially anger and anxiety.

In my “deep listening” to the body, I work alot with what an organ is saying, and the symbology. For example, sometimes I have acid reflux, and I know that means I am angry and “I can’t stomach it.” Working with Dr. Sarno’s model is not quite the same. The emotions may or may not be symbolically related to the pain. And, the key is, we don’t have to figure out the answer and resolve what is causing us anger, anxiety, and other emotions. We don’t have to go around screaming about how angry we are. We just have to stop repressing our emotions, and tell our brains that it will no longer get away with it’s sneaky diversion tactics. Dr. Sarno believed that education was the key, and his thousands of patients often felt better in two to six weeks!

As I am reading the book, I am getting honest with myself and looking at my body and challenges with more openness. I have a shoulder that is uncomfortable, some digestive issues and a few other things that I generally ignore.

Here’s the challenge: Do we believe the X-Rays, the MRI’s, the CT scans, the diagnosis, or do we – instead of (or in addition to) – look at what is going on with our emotions? And, my brain – even though I work in realms of spirit, past lives, emotions, energy, intuition – says “but my shoulder is almost bone-on-bone arthritis – of course it will hurt.” And, “I’m in my 60’s now, it’s just aging.” Maybe, maybe not. What a fascinating challenge! And, why not dive into the emotions and see what happens?

Most of us know we have frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, etc., but we are not quite sure what to do with these feelings, so we ignore the emotions and just keep going through life. We rationalize, we say “they (or I) did the best they could…, it’s over and in the past…” And, if we are experiencing body pain, we usually focus on the physical symptoms and treatments.

When I started tuning in to my emotions – a young part of me was screaming “I’m MAD!!!” – over and over. And, as I am willing to open that closet with all the old stored feelings, I am amazed at how much is in there! I tend to be creative in my healing – I never follow recipes! So as I notice the feelings, I am using my intuition and energy healing.

I love EFT (tapping) – and as I take time to feel my repressed feelings, I am tapping to release them. And my shoulder pain and acid reflux are getting better!!! There’s plenty more to do and it is exciting!

I encourage you to open to your current and past emotions. They won’t hurt us, and acknowledging them may just help us heal and live a more pain-free, comfortable, happy life. What if this could change everything in a positive way??