“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”Rumi

Recently, I was doing a phone session with a lovely woman whose husband had died a couple of years ago. She wanted help with her physical and energetic health, but what came up for me almost immediately was that her husband was peaceful but not in what I call “the light.” We took a few minutes to help him “across,” and the expansion in him and her was amazing. I had the sense he was doing somersaults in the air, so full of joy and freedom that he could not contain it. After we helped her husband, my client became lighter and lighter, more and more open and free and energetic as we worked to heal and balance her. It felt like a profound session.

The next day I received this email: “A lovely burst of energy this morning that was put to good use in my garden.  Love the feeling! Thinking a lot about (my husband) and how happy he is to be in the light… Spending the afternoon napping and relaxing.  I am so looking forward to all the new experiences that are coming in now that I am open and more clear. Thank you so much for the work that you do on our behalf.  The entire Universe benefits!” T. Z.

I replied to her email and let her know I was still seeing her husband joyfully doing somersaults in the air, and received this back: “Just saw a cardinal in my backyard. Doing somersaults!” Magic happens in the most amazing ways!

Healing is all around us, all of the time. It’s natural, not a big deal, and at the same time it can be a very big deal and change our lives. One of the keys is to let it in, to receive, to open. It may be connecting with a friend or a pet, taking a nap, eating or drinking something healthy, enjoying the feeling of the sun or breeze on your skin, looking around you and noticing the astounding beauty and miracle of nature. Being grateful! Feeling your body as you move, singing, dancing – the list of what’s healing is endless.

I hope you open to healing, love, support, happiness from all sources, including energy healing. Keep in mind I offer many options for healing:

“How you spend your day is how you spend your life.” – Facebook post

“Thanks again, Jeanine, for that really helpful session.  I slept well afterward and felt better the next day… I feel so fortunate to be able to go see you when practically anything is off in my life — from weird physical symptoms, to people in my life dying…” J.T.

Wishing you a life of healing and love.