I always start my Monday Group Healing Teleclass by asking for the participants’ healing requests. This week, many of them asked for help with stress and anger, help with detoxification, help with joint pain, help to see clearly. As I was listening, I was tuning in and working with the group energy, which felt tight, contracted, resistant, and somewhat confused. I imagine you can relate!

During this time when so much is unknown and changing sometimes daily, when most of us are sheltering in place, we are struggling for control and some semblance of normalcy. We are not quite sure how to be in our lives, so we are holding on, often tightly.

It became very clear as I was working with the group that the paradox is – what we really need to do is relax, let go, and allow our energy to expand. And as we let go and expand, we let in more space for the light, more support, more healing energy. As we open and allow the flow, we detoxify, and pain, stress and anxiety can decrease.

Even more paradoxical, I was hearing and sharing that the more we let go, the safer we are. During this time, we are learning to trust the unknown (often kicking and screaming in the process), to live in disorientation. And when we are disoriented, that’s often when the most profound healing can happen. We are out of our comfort zone so we let go and open up.

I love the Group Healing Sessions. Every one is different. The information comes through me energetically as I work on the group, and verbally as I see, hear, and feel healing information. I was listening to the recording from Monday’s session to get some highlights from the call for this newsletter, and I could feel the energy working on me. Magic!! So, the Group Healing Sessions include a recording of the call that you can download or replay whenever you need some more support.

How can you help yourself right now? Breathe. Notice your body and give yourself permission to relax and let go. See if you can feel the edge of your energy field and allow it to expand, like blowing up a balloon. Give yourself more space!!