“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

One of my many favorite quotes from my teacher Rosalyn Bruyere is “Auras are contagious and the biggest aura wins!” What does that mean? It means we energetically affect each other all the time. We may feel angry or depressed when we are near someone who is angry or down, and not know why. Many people sit with gurus, or visit holy places, or go into nature, to feel better.

When I have a client who is having trouble being present in their body and grounding, or having trouble staying full of energy, or who is feeling depleted, or who is very stressed – I always work on their kidneys and adrenals and get their feet connected with the earth. And, I suggest that they take “tree time” – with a big, healthy, juicy tree that is at least as big across as they are.

What is “tree time?” Simply, it is finding a tree that feels good and leaning your back up against it. When you are leaning against the tree, you are in it’s energy field, or aura. It’s roots go deep into the earth, and it’s branches reach up into the sky. Just breathe and lean on the tree – for a few minutes – and it is like getting a powerful energy healing for free! Just a few minutes of your time.

Auras are contagious – and the tree has a bigger aura than you! So, when you are leaning against the tree – it is hugging you, surrounding and permeating you, teaching your feet to grow roots, teaching your crown chakra to open and reach up to source, teaching our energy to flow!

You don’t need to work at this. Just feel your back against the tree and open to the lovely energy. You might notice your feet or body tingle – that’s wonderful. Let your energy be filled and grounded from the tree. And, remember to say “thank you!” and send love and/or Reiki to the tree.