I graduated from Physical Therapy last week. My left shoulder had been bothering me for awhile – I am not sure how long. Like many of us, I sort of ignored it and kept going. It was not that bad. Finally, I got tired of the occasional pain and went to see a Physical Therapist who gave me some exercises and tried various treatments. Some worked, and some made it worse.

Then I started paying more attention. OK – this is my left shoulder – which is the female side – connected to the right brain, which is about intuition, the feminine, the big picture, spirituality. (The right side of the body, managed by the left brain – is the male side – literal, linear, paying attention to time, money, facts…).

Most of my clients have challenges predominately on one side of the body. If on the left side, I might ask about sister, mother, female friends, personal feelings about being a woman. So, as I tuned into symbology related to my left side, I had a big aha. My shoulder has been an issue for about six months. And, in the past six months, I have become more and more outraged about how women are treated in our culture, and in the world.

Outraged! Lots of rage, which is fiery red energy, and can manifest positively as power and vitality (root chakra energy), and can also manifest as pain, inflammation. Arthritis is sometimes anger that is stuck in our joints. Painful red energy can get stuck anywhere in the body. Mine was stuck in my shoulder.

As I sat and meditated, I did alot of work to clear the rage out of my shoulder. To remind myself that holding the rage in my body will not help women; it only hurts me. I had wonderful help from my guides and angels, and did a good energy healing on myself. And, guess what? My shoulder is better now than it has been in months!!

What a great reminder to not ignore your body’s messages, and instead to stop and listen, and heal in whatever way works for you.