Get Grounded
& Get In Touch With Spirit

Get Grounded
& Get In Touch With Spirit

Get Grounded
& Get In Touch With Spirit

Be Here, Be Whole, Open to Love

Guided Meditation CD
Grounding is the first, most important step before doing any healing, massage, sports, and many other activities. Actually, my belief is that being present in our bodies is important for health, intuition, emotional well-being, and life.

For years I have been sharing grounding meditations with my clients and students, and for years they have been asking me for a tape of my meditations.. Well, I am happy to say, here it is at last. My CD, “Be Here, Be Whole, Open to Love” (formerly called “Coming Home to Your Self: Guided Meditations for Grounding, Connecting with Your Spirit and Exploring Your Divine Heart Space”) is a wonderful collection of three meditations, with explanations, and with some lovely music composed by my husband Jim.

“A number of months ago, while attending one of your classes, I purchased your “Be Here, Be Whole, Open to Love” CD. Back home, I tried playing it on a little CD player in my bedroom, and.. it didn’t play! I assumed that the CD was defective in some way, and meant to let you know and return it to exchange for another, but never got around to it. (The CD has been sitting on a table in my bedroom for months.) Then today, after reading some things in your newsletter, I suddenly decided to try the CD again, on our main stereo system, and, guess what, IT WORKED! (I’ll never know what I did wrong that first time.) The main thing I would like to let you know is that the CD is WONDERFUL, and I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! It is beautifully done and so effective! When holiday times come around I plan to buy a few to give as gifts. Thank you again, Jeanine!”

Enjoy this video that includes the entire Grounding Guided Meditation.


The price for the CD is $12, which includes tax and shipping (U.S. only). To order CDs, please mail me a check to 564 Cuesta Drive, Aptos, CA 95003, or use the Buy Now button below (PayPal) if you want to use a credit card. Please allow 1 – 2 weeks to receive your CD, and enjoy!


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My CD is now available as MP3 downloads – you can get 1, 2, or all 3 meditations immediately! My Grounding Guided Meditation is a special price: only $1.00 (normally $5.00). Click on the links below for the downloads – the link will come to you via email.

Grounding Guided Meditation: $1.00 special Add to Cart

Connecting With Your Spirit Guided Meditation: $5.00 Add to Cart

Exploring Your Divine Heart Space Guided Meditation: $5.00 Add to Cart

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"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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