In the late 1980’s I had the wonderful good fortune to study with Dr. Paul Brenner. At that time, he was taking a break from his medical practice and teaching “Silent Communication”. What is “silent communication”? Most of us think of communication as a verbal process, not silent.

What Paul taught was to be present and feel for signals in our bodies, and from there to know what is true and not true. He used the words “harmony” (true, or “yes”), “disharmony” (not true, or “no”), and “unconditional love” (which is neutral).

During the classes and practice sessions, we would silently sit and “listen” to another person, and know when the thought they were silently pondering was a “harmony” or “disharmony”. We could use the process on the phone or in person. It was so amazing to invite someone to ask a question (verbal or silent), and then silently, one at a time, consider answers. When the “right answer (for them)” came into their thinking, those of us who were silently listening would say “stop! What did you just think of?” – and the person with the question had their answer!

I loved this process because those of us “listening” were not offering suggestions or solutions – we were supporting the person to come up with their own answer, and helping them recognize it. It was very empowering for the person with the question as well as those of us “listening”.

Paul’s teachings became the foundation for my intuition, which has become highly developed since my work with him. Once we can learn to be present, to listen and feel, we are opening our intuition. And, like any skill, the more we use it, the more it will develop. I used to be only kinesthetic. I would feel sensations in my body, but that was the extent of it. Now I see, hear, feel, know – and I very much trust my intuition. Here is a wonderful video to help you get in touch with your intuition!

Learning to access your intuition is a critical starting point for all that I teach. Those “yes” and “no” indicators help us to know what frequency to channel, when to start, where to work, whether something is yours or not, what is good for you, and so much more.

I am very excited to be offering a 3-week teleclass on Opening to Your Natural Intuition. It is 3 Monday evenings, June 8, 15, and 22, at 6pm Pacific Time. This class is a pre-requisite for all of my other classes. Check out the video I created to help you start the process of getting in touch with your signals.

Visit my Calendar page to see what I have in the works – more teleclasses are scheduled!