Medical Intuitive Distant Healing

Medical Intuitive Distant Healing

Medical Intuitive Distant Healing

Medical Intuitive Distant Healing Phone & Email Sessions


Because everything is energy, we are all connected. Because we are all connected I can energetically and intuitively connect with you.

Medical Intuitive Healing works whether I am physically with you, or on the phone, or working with you at a distance and emailing you information. I love medical intuitive distant healing sessions – it means I can support you no matter where you live, and you can relax in your own home and receive healing without needing to drive before or after the session.

Scroll down to experience free distant healing via video! Telephone (and email) medical intuitive distant healing sessions are as effective as hands-on sessions – and are available to anyone in the world. I can tune into you, imagine your body is in front of me, and energetically work with your body/mind/emotions/spirit while I let you know what I am noticing and how I am helping it to shift.

I use all of my senses to “deeply feel” you – I “see” your physical body in my mind’s eye and notice how your energy is flowing. Are you grounded and open or stuck somewhere? I sometimes see areas that out of balance, or “cords” that connect you to others. I sometimes find energies that are not yours – energies you have taken on from others. Sometimes I feel your feelings of sadness or fear or anxiety… The possibilities are endless, because everyone is different.

I generally talk with you while I am working on you. I believe every cell in your body has eyes and ears and little periscopes. I believe your body totally wants to support you in your wellness. So, when we talk during a session (or you read an email), your body wants to help. I tell you what I am doing, and your body cooperates.

What do we do in a medical intuitive distant healing session? I start by asking you what you want and if you have any specific issues I should know about. Then I look and feel into your body and let you know what I am noticing. Healing is often like the coloring books we had as kids – where we connect the dots, and then see that we drew an elephant (or something). I “follow the dots” in your body/mind/emotions/spirit/energy – and the end result is you feeling light, whole, in the flow, and good!

Here is some of what we can do together during healing. In all cases, I let you know what I notice and I help your body come back to a place of health. I never just tell you what I am seeing – I want to help you heal, and teach you how to help yourself.

  • Are you grounded? Are you present in your body? Is there energy moving through your legs and up into your body?
  • Are your “gates” open? We have areas in our bodies where your flow can get blocked – like kinks in a hose.
  • Is your head open and balanced? I usually help to open your Third Eye and Crown Chakra and balance your brain.
  • How are your chakras? I check each chakra and balance them if needed.
  • How is your aura? Is it nice and full, helping to support and protect you, or are there cords or holes?
  • How are your organs and glands? I especially check your kidneys and adrenals and help them to relax. But I may also work with your immune system, your endocrine system, your liver, your heart and lungs, your digestive system.
  • Is there any energy in your body or energy that is not yours? Sometimes blocks can be past life personalities that are trying to help you stay safe. Sometimes they are dead relatives or someone else you are holding onto, or who want to connect with you. Sometimes they are “inner children” stuck in the past, trying to stay safe. Sometimes they are other energies that you have taken in.
  • Sometimes we use tapping to clear energies – and to empower you to help yourself with tapping on your own in the future.
  • How is your home and working environment? Sometimes we need to clear and energize your environment so you are better supported.

Clients all report feeling their energy change, their pain release, their emotions balance. Often they feel lighter and happier. They sleep better.

I want to assist you to open to your natural flow so your body can heal itself, support you in releasing all energies that are not yours or that no longer serve you, help you resolve issues we discover in your body, and support you in re-connecting with your magnificent spirit. In no cases do I diagnose, prescribe or cure.

Distant Healing to Balance your Left & Right brain

Distant Healing to Calm Stress and Open Your Heart

I will call all clients within the U.S. and Canada (saving you long distance charges) – AND if you are out of the country, we can use Skype voice.

Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

Here are some comments from clients:

“You absolutely nailed this one and you have no idea how impressive that is to me. I have never received wrong advice from you, never.”

“You never cease to amaze me.  I just love our sessions.  There are always new and wonderful surprises.  I love all your work, but I really love what you did today.  I could feel my heart was a cavernous hole.  And you brought it into balance by bringing the folks into that belong there.  So cool!!  It makes perfect sense and it felt great. Lots of cool sensations at my end.  Goosebumps – and chills – all good and energy flowing and expanding. You are a gift.  Truly you are.”

“Thanks for a great session.  I kept working on releasing the anger all day…You are a great healer, and I really appreciate your gifts :)”

“But the big news, wow Jeanine I feel really different since last night. The abscess is practically gone. And even bigger so is the sense of pressure that I have lived with almost all of my life. That compelling feeling to work work work has softened.”

Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

$75/30 minutes
$100/45 minutes
$135 for an hour and 15 minutes
$150 for an hour and 30 minutes

Preferred method of payment is Zelle.
(my contact info is Jeanine Sande, 831-566-9646,

You can also pay for your session via PayPal (below), OR I can take your credit card over the phone.

Session Options

Gift Certificates: are available for any amount for energy healing sessions & classes.

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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