Healing is Natural

Healing is Natural

Healing is Natural

What is Medical Intuitive Healing?


The phrase “Medical Intuitive” has become popular in recent years, and people who consider themselves “Medical Intuitives” work in many OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdifferent ways. I call what I do “Medical Intuitive Healing” because I don’t want to just give you a “reading” and tell you what is wrong, I want to work with you to change and heal it, and help you feel empowered to continue on your healing journey. I combine Medical Intuitive Readings with Intuitive Energy Healing for a powerful experience at a distance (via phone or email).

I consider Intuitive Energy Healing the process of channeling healing energy through me (not from me) into you, so your body/mind/emotions have the energy they need to heal themselves. As a healer, my intention is “whatever energy frequency you need, may it please flow through me to you.”

Many energies can be used for healing and balancing. I think of the spectrum of healing energies as a radio dial. Every station is broadcast from a specific location, has a specific frequency (the numbers on the dial), and can make you feel differently depending on what is broadcast. News feels different from soft rock, which feels different from classical music. The earth-based energies (some of what I use in healing sessions) can be thought of as one station on the dial – a station that feels grounding, a little like warm molten lava moving through your body. Reiki can be thought of as another station – the energy of unconditional love, free flowing, more like light than lava.

As a Medical Intuitive Healer, I tune into all aspects of you and listen deeply. Sometimes parts of your body or emotions or chakras or inner children or other energies “speak to me”. Often I see images. Sometimes the images are rather graphic, other times they are almost like cartoons – symbolic of what is happening in your body. In all cases, I find that our body/mind/emotion/spirit has a whole lot to tell and show us, and loves to be heard! So, we lovingly and compassionately explore together, listening, dialoging, healing.

Sometimes energies that are creating challenges for you are not “yours,” and I work with you to release them. Sometimes we have unhealthy cords or connections to others that we also release. Sometimes there are energies from other lifetimes that are stuck in your body, with the positive intention of keeping you safe – but they are keeping you blocked or in pain… It seems the possibilities are almost endless, and that’s part of what makes Medical Intuitive Healing fun – we explore together, starting where you are experiencing the most challenge, gently and gradually “peeling the onion”, by the end of a session getting to a place of greater flow and ease.

Why does Medical Intuitive Healing work? Modern science tells us that all matter is made of energy. Deepak Chopra offers a wonderful analogy about the amount of space (or “pure potential” or “love” or “energy” or “God” or…) that exists in each atom, the basic building block of matter. He says that the distance between the nucleus of an atom (which used to be considered solid and is now theorized to be strings of energy) and the closest electron (no longer considered matter – now thought of as energy) is, relatively speaking, the same as the distance between the earth and the sun. This is alot of space!!

So, our bodies are energy. The physical part of us is denser than our aura, or human energy field, but energy nonetheless. When our energy field gets out of balance, dis-ease can result. Medical Intuitive Energy Healing sessions can support us in coming home to ourselves, feeling clear and centered, happier, healthier, and a whole lot more!

I delight in supporting you to re-connect with your powerful, magnificent and unique spirit, inviting it to come fully into your body. I believe our unique DNA is designed for our unique spirit, and when our bodies and our spirits are united, and our energy is clear and balanced, we thrive.

“Thank You so much for my very healing session with You. I was in awe of our great work together……..I stopped coughing and my throat was healed that night, truly a miracle. I had called my doctor that day for cough medicine but he wouldn’t give it to me without a visit. You were much better than him!!!!” S.B.

“WOW!!  Do I feel good!  Fully integrated and functioning again.  Your wonderful healing was exactly what I needed to transmute the remainder of the side effects from my …treatment.  It feels so good to feel like myself.  I won’t wait so long the next time before coming for some energy work.”  SD

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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