Feel Good in Your Home & Office

Feel Good in Your Home & Office

Feel Good in Your Home & Office

Home & Office Clearing

We are affected by our surroundings – by the air quality, the color, the light, the sound – and the energy! Buildings can feel toxic, neutral, draining, opendoormediumuplifting… Of course, I prefer energizing and uplifting environments!

One of the first things I do when I walk into a treatment room, a hotel room, a hospital room, etc., is to feel the energy and change it if it does not feel supportive. Especially if it is a place I will be staying/sleeping – I want the space to support me. Or, if I am treating a client, I clear the space first, so the space will support me and my client, and I can offer a more effective treatment.

The energy of your home or business can affect your mood, your concentration, your sleep, your happiness, your energy and health! Sometimes during healing sessions, as I feel into “what is underneath the underneath” – what is the root issue, I have a sense that something is not right with my clients’ home or work. Once we clear their space (which we can do at a distance), the client’s healing is much deeper and more long-lasting.

Does your space need some healing? We can include space clearing / healing with any phone or email session..

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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