Hands-On Healing

Hands-On Healing

Hands-On Healing

Hands-On Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions

NOTE! As of May 1, 2020, I am available for telephone and email sessions only. This supports you to relax safely at home while we do a healing session. Remote (distant) sessions are as powerful as hands-on sessions and can be more comfortable for you, requiring no driving or dealing with traffic. You won’t have to get off of my massage table and go back out into the world – you can relax at home, even take a nap! PLUS – we can do sessions any day of the week, from 30 minutes ($55) to 90 minutes ($130).

In the future, I will offer hands-on Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions in Aptos, California, by appointment.

Healing sessions are typically done on a lighthand massage table, fully clothed. I gently touch your body, and channel energy into it while letting you know what I am noticing, and at the same time energetically helping your body to open, release, and change. I channel energy through me for you (not from me) – Reiki energy, Earth-based energies, Spiritual energies, and at times work with “Spirit Doctors”.

What happens during a healing session? We begin our session by helping your body remember how to flow – opening your feet to the abundant energy from the earth, opening your head to release what you don’t need and connect with spirit, opening the “gates” or “valves” in between to allow flow. It’s like getting all the “kinks” out of a hose, and opening both ends.

Once your body is open and flowing, we can focus on your specific issues – balance organs and glands, boost your immune system, balance your chakras and clear energies that are no longer serving you, whether yours or others’. I am able to sense inside your body and energy field and help you to heal on many levels.

I believe in cooperative healing – in working with Western Medical treatments for your highest well-being. If you are dealing with a serious illness or facing surgery, healing treatments can be very helpful along with medical treatment.

Healing sessions have helped people with many types of dis-ease, including cancer, chronic fatigue, M.S., menopause, back pain, spiritual growth, emotional healing, and will support you in feeling more aliveness, joy and health.

Prices: $100/hour; $115 for an hour and 15 minutes or $130 for an hour and 30 minutes Pay with cash, check, or credit card at the time of your appointment or via PayPal here:

Session Options


Aptos: By appointment

Missed Appointments: I charge $50 unless you give me 24 hours notice.

Gift Certificates: are available for any amount for energy healing sessions & classes.

“I so want to thank you for Tuesday’s  session. When you called my (deceased) mother into the room, I was absolutely astonished. When you asked if I wanted to talk about what happened, I could not answer. I was overwhelmed with emotions. When you were doing the body work, I felt my mom from my belly button up to my throat. My pulse was pounding, I could feel the blood rushing through my arteries. And she said to me ” I will always be a part of you. Your heart is my heart. I have given you the strength and passion that was so much a part of me.” It was so overwhelming.” VP

“I never told you, that after the healings you did on me in class (on the ex-husband; liver-gall bladder back pain) that pain went completely away and never came back. It had been bothering me for many months, and was getting worse.” T.K.

“Dear Jeanine, You were my guide on an awesome journey. You helped me empty my burdened belly and fill it with golden light. You invited me to float in indigo weightlessness. You encouraged me to open the door to my heart, where I found love so vast that it is enough for all of God’s creation. With your support the lotus opened and became a gateway to heaven. My dense body became light and wonderfully spacious, and every one of my cells sang joyfully. Finally, you put me together again so I could cope with this other reality, the world as we commonly know it.” B.M.

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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