Once upon a time there was a magic kingdom made of hopes and childhood fantasies. A timeless place where every land is filled with wonder. A place where everyone who enters it’s gates will be given the gift to be young at heart, and the power to wish upon a star… It is time to open your heart and remember – dreams come true.

These words were spoken by Julie Andrews at the beginning of the “Fireworks Spectacular” at Disneyland. And, as I opened my heart and remembered, tears filled my eyes – again!

My few days at Disneyland in early February – by myself – were a profound spiritual experience filled with magic, a sense of “coming home” and remembering who I really am, days of being totally happy and “in the flow”, days of incredible gratitude and appreciation. My heart was open and I cried often – at the sheer joy of being there, at the adorable children dressed up in Disney character outfits, at the creativity and vision that created Disneyland. At the magic.

How could Disneyland be a spiritual experience? Feeling and experiencing love and fun and magic, and believing in our dreams coming true is being connected with Spirit! We are happiest when we are connected with spirit. We are in the flow. I laughed as I walked onto rides with no lines. I wandered around and always ended up in the right place at the right time. I had a soft smile on my face and an open and happy heart. I felt expanded and open and connected. I enjoyed a profound spiritual experience!