This week, my sister will be leaving her home in Mt. Shasta, and moving to Kona, Hawaii. She has lived in Mt. Shasta for 30 years, and, like all of us, has had good times and not so good times. She is taking one suitcase, will ship a few boxes, and has let go of everything else. She is starting a new life with her new husband in a new state! Pretty amazing and exciting at 65 years old!

I have been supporting my sister with weekly distant healing sessions since late last year. I recently wrote about helping her move from victim thinking (“my life has been a nightmare”) to gratitude (“I am so grateful for all the fun and gifts in my life”).

As I was sending her healing last week, I was having a hard time getting her heart to feel “right” (she had a serious heart attack a couple of years ago – so of course, I work on her heart regularly). I couldn’t get her heart to feel full or whole. My intuition led me to awareness of how she (and all of us) have given parts of ourselves away. I realized that she could call those parts back into her heart.

I called her and encouraged her to revisit her life in Mt. Shasta, and call her spirit back. A soul retrieval of sorts. 30 years is a long time, with lots of important times. She had a business, two partners who are now dead, both of our parents lived in Mt. Shasta and are now dead, friends, pets, a challenging job – lots of life in 30 years!

My sister is so great! The day after we spoke on the phone, she went out for a couple of hours, driving around Mt. Shasta, and stopping at places from her history. Her process was simple – she stopped and took a breath, then asked to reclaim the parts she gave away. Then she asked to bless that part of her life and let it go.

The more I thought about this process for my sister, the more I realized how healing it would be for me, maybe for all of us! How much of our soul / spirit / personal energy do we give away in our jobs, our homes, our relationships? What if we re-claimed all of that energy? We don’t need to physically revisit the important places from our past, but we can. What we can easily do is remember, reclaim our spirit and energy, and release it all.