OK! Take a moment right now, and think “receive.” Just “receive.” Don’t specify what you want to receive, or from whom, just “receive.” Notice how you feel in and around your body. It’s subtle. Can you feel it?

I recently discovered something magical – an instant cloak of love. When I think or say “receive,” I feel like I am being energetically held in a soft, fluffy, light, supportive love. I can sense my heart open, my aura expand, and a feeling that “all is well; we are here for you.”

Who is “we?” “We” is what I call “our guides and angels and healers and helpers.” “We” is all the beings in the spirit realm that I work with for myself and others, who guide us, protect us, help to heal us, love us.

I always start my Monday Group Healing sessions by tuning into the group energy. This week, I sensed some “droopy energy,” some overwhelm, ungrounded and sightly low energy. I started our group by talking about receiving. When we took a moment to think / intend “receive,” almost instantly everyone looked and felt lighter, brighter, fuller, and surrounded by peace and love. From there we had a powerful healing session.

The idea to think “receive,” with nothing attached to it, just came to me. Some of our best guidance can come this way. I was amazed when I tried it and my energy field expanded, I felt held and loved and supported. Since then I often think “receive” and feel the wonderful soft fluffy energy around me. I hope you try it and feel the love.

I love to help people feel healthy and good – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I’m available for Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions by phone. Together we help you let go of all that is not yours, or does not serve you. We can work with past lives, loved ones who have died, your guides and angels, your organs, your own spirit. After a session, my clients feel relaxed, energized, and clear.