I was listening to a Live Internet Broadcast of the Abraham-Hicks Workshop in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I love these teachings, and even though they basically say the same thing over and over, I always get something new. That morning I “got” how to be in alignment and be in the flow in a whole new way. Nothing new was said, I just heard it differently. And, as a result, I am feeling a whole new level of appreciation for my life, my work, my healthy body… and a whole new confidence in the law of attraction and life supporting me in amazing ways.

During the workshop, a man was asking about his career. Abraham has such a brilliant way of helping those who ask questions to FEEL their way to what is true for them – what is in alignment, “in the zone”, what is in what they call “the vortex”. (It’s almost like a gong goes off when a statement is not true for them.) The bottom line is – what feels good and makes you happy, and what doesn’t?

I noticed my thoughts about my career, and how often my thoughts (on auto-pilot) are not in harmony with my “vortex”. Struggle, striving, working toward goals, trying – most of us are comfortable doing this. What we are not as comfortable with is success, being happy, arriving! So, as I went for a walk along the cliffs above Seascape beach later that day, I quietly talked to myself about what I love – really really love, not what I think I should love or what I am affirming.. not what I want – just what I LOVE!

What I really really – really love is to teach. I knew that, and yet I didn’t realize the extent of it! I didn’t totally get that teaching is all I do – whether I am in a healing session or a class – I am teaching. I love to share information, to help a client’s body re-member how to be healthy, to help students access other dimensions, to help everyone I encounter to feel more empowered, clear, happy, whole, connected to who they really are. I love that healing is teaching, and teaching is healing. Read my recent blog entry about this..

I hope you are feeling into what you love and celebrating it!