Happy New Year!

I have three New Years traditions that I enjoy – and they have nothing to do with champagne or resolutions… One is to review the past year with gratitude and blessings. The second is to choose a word for the new year. And the third is to start a “gratitude jar”.

1. Review Your Year with Gratitude:
Today I reviewed my 2014 appointment calendar. I was surprised at how many wonderful events I had forgotten. It was a big year for both my husband Jim and I. Jim retired from being a full-time teacher after over 30 years. I stopped teaching live classes (and I am looking forward to tele-classes, videos, on-demand classes and the like – I can’t stop teaching!!).

I played more this year – trips to Disneyland and Hawaii – two of my favorite places. We added solar panels to our home, bought some new rugs and changed our fireplace tiles – so our living room is more colorful and supportive. Life has been good, and I am very grateful.

2. What is One Word for the New Year?
Last year the word that came to me for 2014 was “balance”. And, as I look at my year – balancing work and play, balancing sitting at my computer with movement – I am doing much better. For 2015, the word that came in loud and clear is “love”. I started the tradition of asking for a word for the year in 2012, and I recorded a video to support you in grounding and intuiting your word. Here is the video.

What is your word?

3. Start a “Gratitude Jar”:
Get a large jar, and every time something wonderful, magical, happy, happens – write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. What a great way to feel more gratitude! And, if you are feeling down, or things are not going well, reach into the jar and review some of the happiness that has come your way.

I was enjoying a lovely anniversary dinner with Jim last night, and we were talking about being present and being happy. What came out of my mouth is “we need to be present in our bodies to feel happy”. This still feels very true to me. We need to be present in our bodies to feel the positive feelings.

So, I invite you to ground into our magical earth and feel your magical body, full of amazing life. And to enjoy a wonderful New Years time – blessing and releasing, and calling all the good that you desire.