I have always wanted to see Mt. Lassen and the Lassen Volcanic National Park, and I love road trips – sooo I did a bit of research to find a place to stay near the Park, made plans for lunch and a horseback ride in the Park, and set out on Wednesday, July 25, for a few days of exploration. I knew Mercury was Retrograde, but so what?

I planned to take a “scenic route” up to the little town of Chester. But I hit tons of traffic, ended up getting sort of lost in Sacramento (my iphone got me back on track), and spent about 9 hours on a 6 hour drive. Then when I got to Chester, the whole town was without electricity!! Until 1am. How could I not laugh and just go with the flow?

The energy in the place I was staying was uncomfortable for me – so, early the next morning I called my favorite Bed & Breakfast in Mt. Shasta – they had one room available! I checked out of the place I had planned to stay for both nights, and headed out.

Mt. Lassen and the Park were awesome, fascinating, and amazing. I took my time driving through and exploring – but I missed the lunch and horseback ride because they were in a totally different part of the Park. And, it was somewhat smoky from all the fires, but safe.

I got to Mt. Shasta in the afternoon, checked in, relaxed, and had a lovely night. It felt like home. Mt. Shasta feels like a heart chakra – open and loving and full of light.

The next morning I went up on the mountain – to one of my favorite places on the planet – Upper Panther Meadows. I sat on a rock above the sacred Panther Meadows Spring, with Mt. Shasta at my back. Just feeling the energy and listening.

The area was so ALIVE! The meadow was green with lots of tiny wildflowers. The stream was flowing. And the spring was bubbling! Such a welcome sight after some years of seeing the spring dried up from the drought. I was feeling such love for this area that I have been visiting for over 30 years – and so thrilled that it seemed as healthy as ever – actually more healthy with designated paths through the fragile meadow, and no access to the actual spring.

I immediately heard “Life is Spirit.” “Everything is alive and well and connected.” The earth is alive and well, like this spring and this meadow.

I had no intention of going to Mt. Shasta! But that sneaky Mercury got me there – and helped me to hear what I absolutely needed to hear – “Life is Spirit!” We are all connected. We are all alive and will continue to be alive and thrive. All is well!!