I have been in the midst of a love wave for the past week, and I am in awe. You can read my blog about my friend Lisa who had been having health problems. On January 25, she called 911, and has been in the hospital since then. A few days after being admitted, she was told she has cancer in her bones, which caused many fractures and other serious health problems. The first week was a process of tests and more tests, and just trying to get her pain and breathing under control. I was at the hospital alot doing energy healing and offering support.

On February 3, I started a website for Lisa on caringbridge.org. Another friend posted on a chat group that Lisa had been very active on, and I posted on Facebook – about Lisa’s condition with a request to send prayers and love, and to funnel all messages through CaringBridge. WOW!?

Within less than 24 hours, the love and caring and appreciation that poured in was overwhelming. We were all in tears on a regular basis. And, during those 24 hours, the change in Lisa was astounding. All of a sudden, she was lucid, her pain was less, she was moving a bit more… she was “back”! It was a miracle – as a result of the waves of love coming to her (and the good medical care), which she was letting in. She is continuing to feel more empowered, and continuing to improve. And, she is still very ill with cancer.

I love the saying “there are no small miracles”. Supporting someone who is ill is a process of loving and allowing and fighting for them and trusting and letting go. We can’t control the outcome – but we can love!?

My friend who told me about CaringBridge said “we all need a caring bridge”. We all need to know how loved we are. We all need to share that love!

I love the James Taylor song “Shower the people you love with love, Show them the way that you feel, Things are gonna be just fine, If we only will..”?

Happy Valentine’s Day!