I woke up this morning with an image of Donald Trump’s face in my mind, and fear in my body. I had thoughts of moving to Canada (for a minute or two).. This election year is very stressful, crazy, and scary. It seems to be bringing out the worst – and the best – in people. I am not watching the news, but I see bits and pieces on Facebook, and I have to say every time I see Trump, I click “Hide Post”. And it is gone! Ha Ha!

Fear is such a challenging energy. It is like we “duck and cover” – we curl up in a ball, just stuck in the feeling of fear, going around and around. We need to stretch ourselves out from that ball, get out from under the desk from “duck and cover”, get our feet on the ground, and have the courage to say “no” to the fear. We need to move, not allow ourselves to be stuck and frozen.

And then I woke more fully and chose to shift my energy from fear back to love and peace and happiness. I did Reiki on myself. I sat and listened to a meditation MP3 while I did distant healing on myself, vacuuming out the fear and channeling in the love. I tapped. I got grateful for my life, for our home, my healthy body, the work I get to do, all the support I have. And grateful for the smaller (or bigger) things – like food in the house, a car in the carport, hands and feet and eyes and legs that all work. Grateful for where I live and the beauty around me. We all have so much to be grateful for!

My sweet treatment room in San Jose is once again for rent to share (please email me if you or anyone you know is interested). I am ready for a wonderful new office mate (up to six days per week). Energy attracts energy, so I spent over an hour yesterday cleaning and clearing, using energy and essential oil sprays to clear out “any and all energies that are not mine and do not serve me”, and to call in the love, and my energy. At one point I could feel the energy of love and my guides and angels “click in”. My room is now clear and full of light and love. It feels so good! I can’t wait to meet the new person who will share it with me!

What I have reminded myself this week is that it is too easy to get stuck in fear, and that fear is an energy that catches us in an endless cycle. We have choice. We can shift it. And, if you need some help, I am definitely available for email, phone, and hands-on sessions.

Sending you love to help shift your fear!