In late May I noticed a yellow postcard in our mailbox, asking for donations of clothing, electronics, and the like. I recycled it. Then I pulled it out of the recycling bag. The non-profit that sent the postcard would be driving through our neighborhood on a Monday, picking up items left on the curb.

I don’t know what clicked inside of me, but I decided to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit, or are no longer “me”. That was in May. It has not stopped! I have now gotten rid of over half of my books, an old stereo, Video and audio tapes that I wanted to view & listen to “some day”, and so many other items. Today I will take a book shelf and 2 audio/video shelves to Good Will! They are getting to know me there, also at the library. I am taking art off of my walls and finding new art that feeds me. Every time I walk through a room, I look with new eyes, and often grab something for my give-away box.

I think by now I have lost at least 500 pounds! It is hard to stop. I was admiring my organized book shelves and noticed more books I don’t really want.

Getting rid of “stuff” is an amazing spiritual experience – and I am noticing it is contagious! I realized how many years I have lived with all of these things, but have not really seen them. I never thought to ask “Is this still me? Do I love it?”! Once those questions came into my awareness, I wanted to get rid of more! This lightening in my life is a process of getting more present in the NOW – really noticing what is in my world, and choosing to keep it or let it go.

My attitude used to be that “there was never such thing as too many goddesses”, and that “if if it is a flat surface, it can be an altar”. With new eyes, I looked at all my sacred objects – most from my travels to Greece, and realized they are not “me” any more! I realized all of these things are part of me, and I don’t need them on my shelves or in my closet!

I am not sure why I started letting go of the old, but I love it! I can feel how our home is lighter, clearer, cleaner. I know I am making room for new energy, new creativity – and letting go of so much that I no longer need to carry. I invite you to look around your home – with new eyes, and have fun!