Yesterday, I was doing a healing on a long-time friend and client who had a bilateral knee replacement in February, and now, six months later, is still uncomfortable walking. We have been doing intermittent healing sessions since the surgery, and most of the time I have worked on, and nagged her, about getting more grounded.

Last week, the visual I got when working on my friend was that she was trying to walk around on her knees, with no lower legs or feet. So, most of the session I worked to help her connect her legs and feet to her knees and to get the energy flowing through her whole leg.

This week, I laughed as I “saw” a peg leg attached to each knee. No lower leg or foot, but at least there was a peg leg! So as we laughed and I worked to get some flow going, she said “You know, I really don’t like to be grounded.” How interesting! I had not heard that before. One of my hands was on the bottom of her foot, and the other was on her lower leg, as I was channeling earth energy into her foot and working on the flow.

When I work on clients, I “listen” to the body with all of my senses – I notice any images, words, feelings. And, I was amazed to notice that my friend’s body wanted flowers!! I saw her feet walking in flowers and receiving and loving the energy! I let her know what I was seeing and she said “Yes, I can let in flower energy – that feels good!” Wow! I would have never thought of that! I “saw” it – her body was letting me know what it wanted!

We talked about painting flowers on her toenails, wearing sandals with flowers, etc. My friend is an amazing gardner with a yard full of flowers! Of course! All my urging of grounding into the earth / dirt / tree roots was not resonating for her – but flowers, bright colors, variety, even sweet smells – that resonated! Her body readily accepted the new flower energy into her feet, and by the time we finished, there was a wonderful flow up both legs, and the swelling in her knees had diminished significantly.

This morning as I was laying in bed and doing Reiki on myself, I was playing with grounding and receiving fun energies. I pulled in sparkly energy from Disneyland, warm ocean water from Hawaii, rock energy from Mt. Shasta. If you love a place, you can pull in the energy of that place, ground into that place, and be full of wonderful energy. Don’t limit yourself!

I invite you to come in for a hands-on session in my new Los Gatos office, or a phone or email session. Also, some of my clients are loving my weekly (or more often if needed) healing subscription. Let’s listen to your body and give it what it is asking for!