The last week in March I was blessed to be able to travel to Kona, Hawaii, and spend a week with Joan Ocean and the wild Spinner Dolphins. We were in the water with the dolphins – LOTS of dolphins – under us, both sides of us, behind us.. – for 4 days. It was magical and life changing. (the photo is me and a dolphin – thank you Lisa Denning!)

It felt so wonderful to float in the beautiful ocean, weightless. It felt so great to look into the eyes of the dolphins and watch the grace and ease with which they moved. It was amazing to hear their clicks, and on a couple of days, to also hear the humpback whale songs underwater.

What did I learn from the dolphins? I learned, viscerally, what I have been learning for years – but during this very special week, I got to deeply feel and live it. I learned to relax and flow and float and have fun. To just receive and be. To love and feel love and peace. I also learned that we don’t have to work so hard. It seemed the dolphins were barely moving their tails and bodies, and yet they moved so quickly and easily through the water.

I came home choosing to live more like the dolphins. To flow and float and play and allow more. To catch my stress and let it go with tapping, Reiki, walks at the ocean, meditation. And, a big aha – was to let go of having to accomplish a certain amount every day. What if I just relaxed and enjoyed as much of the day as possible?

I have learned, and often tell my clients and students that “less is more”. When I push too hard, or feel stressed or pressured to do certain things, I often get less done. When I relax and flow, I can get more done. And, life is not about accomplishment! That’s a big one I am learning. I can just be happy and loving and caring and feel good.

This an interesting year for me. I have decided to stop teaching live classes after this year, and to focus on online and tele-classes, and writing. I have decided to work less, and relax more, to find a new level of balance. I have a feeling that as I find my way, I will be more creative and productive – but from a place of flow and inspiration rather than stress and effort and lists and deadlines.

An email from a recent Reiki student:  “First i just want to say how deeply & profoundly grateful I am to have been able to experience you as a teacher/healer.. & how healing it has been for me on levels I am still discovering!! Your compassionate, fun, open & down to earth approach to exploring everything that comes up during the experience of giving/receiving reiki was exactly what i needed.”

I continue to see clients for live sessions in San Jose on Tuesdays, and at my home in Aptos on Thursdays. Here are a few comments: “WOW!!  Do I feel good!  Fully integrated and functioning again.  Your wonderful healing was exactly what I needed to transmute the remainder of the side effects from my treatment.  It feels so good to feel like myself. You give good healing.”
“… to say how much I appreciate your help yesterday.  I felt like a new woman!  So thankful for the healing.”

And, I am very much enjoying the Weekly Intuitive Healing Subscription program. Every week you will get a 15 – 20 minute reading and distant healing, with an email description  (up to a page in length) of what I noticed, what I did, and how you can help yourself. Very fun and powerful, and a great deal at $93/month. Here’s a note from one client: “I just love our sessions.  There are always new and wonderful surprises.  I love all your work, but I really love what you did today.  I could feel my heart was a cavernous hole.  And you brought it into balance … Lots of cool sensations at my end.  Goosebumps – and chills – all good and energy flowing and expanding. You are a gift.”