Today is the last day of 2015. What a year it has been – so many challenges – and gifts. So much craziness, that I have chosen to avoid the news & media – even on FaceBook!  And, so many opportunities for healing and love and growth.

I enjoy a couple of rituals on New Years Eve – one is to review my year. I look at my calendar for the year, month by month, and make notes in my journal of all that has happened. Most of us get caught up in the moment, and forget all the year has offered us. It is fun to review, bless, and release. And to realize how much we have done! I am always amazed at all the wonderful blessings I have received.

I also love to sit and ask for a word, one word, for the new year. Here is a guided meditation that I recorded a while ago that will help you with this process if you choose to explore.

I enjoy Cheryl Richardson’s blogs and weekly newsletter. This week she wrote a blog titled “The Only Resolution That Matters” where she shared her explorations about loving herself better. I have been sitting with how I can love myself better – what does that mean? Do I love myself as much as I love & take care of my car or home or friends? What part of me needs more & better love? Body? Mind? Emotions? Spirit?

I usually focus on working to take better care of my body – and it never seems to be good enough. What about the rest of me? And what is the difference between “taking care of” and “loving”?? How can I engage my heart more in all aspects of life?

For years I have been teaching body-based intuition. As I sit with “how can I love myself more / better”, I am listening to my body, as well as my emotions and spirit, for guidance. Years ago a wonderful teacher said that our bodies are “unconditional love” – they just keep going to the best of their ability, accepting our actions, regardless of how we treat them. How can we do better at loving our bodies and our Selves?

My word / phrase for this year is “self love”. I know that it starts within. As we love ourselves, listen to ourselves, we are more generous, more able to love others, more full and healthy.

Wishing you a most love-filled 2016.