You are more, infinitely more, than you presently imagine.” – Harold W. Becker

“I love practicing being big,” shared one of the participants of a recent Group Healing Teleclass. This is a woman who I have known for years, who usually asks to be “vacuumed” – to have energies that aren’t hers vacuumed out of her body. “Being big” is a whole new way for her to protect herself.

Ideally we walk on this earth full of life-force, grounded, breathing in energy, connected with our source. When we are big, energies that don’t serve us bounce off of us. We are in our own sacred space.

However, those of us who are sensitive and/or intuitive often pick up energies that are not ours. But we don’t know they aren’t ours! So we walk around with emotions or sometimes even physical challenges – that belong to someone else. Sometimes people who are dependent on us hook into us and pull on our energy. Sometimes someone is angry at us and energetically sends negative energy our way. We live in a sea of energies, and it can really help to know what is ours and what is not, and to do what we can to keep ourselves clear.

The first step to protecting yourself is to check in – especially if something does not feel right. “Is this mine??” is a key question. Trust if you get a “yes” or a “no.” Regardless if you are feeling “off,” here are some key practices I use daily to be as clear as I can:

  • Get big: Ground yourself and connect up with your Source. Feel the edges of your energy field or aura and let it expand and be full.
  • Self care: Is key to being big. This simply means taking care of your body – get enough sleep, drink water, eat good food, exercise. Do things that make you happy! The happier you are, the more healthy your aura is, the bigger and safer you are!
  • Call in your guides & angels: ASK!! I verbally ask that “all of my guides and angels and healers and helpers be with me now.” I especially ask that my “gatekeepers” (guardian angels) stand at my back and protect me.
  • Hand others to their source: If I have a feeling that someone is hooking into me, or if I am with someone who feels toxic to me, I ask that their guides and angels surround them and hand them to their source, where they will get the love and healing they need.
  • ASK! “that any and all energies that are not mine or used to be mine and do not serve me go to the light NOW.”
  • Mirrors: If I am sensing someone is angry at me or energetically attacking me, I imagine mirrors facing outward as the outer shell of my aura, so that anything coming at me gets returned to them. Instant karma usually stops the attack.
  • Clear yourself and your space: Light a candle, use sage to clear your space, take a shower or a bath, use essential oils.. There are so many lovely ways to create a clean and clear sacred space for you.
  • Get some healing!! Join our upcoming Group Healing Teleclass for wonderful healing, work with me via phone or in person, get out in nature, be with people you love!

“An ordinary life examined closely reveals itself to be exquisite and complicated and exceptional, somehow managing to be both heroic and plain.” – Susan Orlean