Sometimes the most simple actions can create the most profound effects. For years I have been working with breathing. Long ago I read about breathing in love and breathing out fear. I used this simple process many times to help bring in what I did want and  let go of what I did not want – breathe in peace, breathe out stress; breathe in love, breathe out anger, and the like.

Last week I was guided to breathe in love, breathe out love. And I was fascinated at how challenging it was! I could not get myself to breathe in love. I could breathe out love just fine, but receiving it, breathing it in – well, it was not working! What was that about? I think it was a wonderful pointer to my needing to open to receive, and my needing to let in love and to love myself. I kept at it. I tuned into my inner child who felt unloved. I called in my guides and angels.. I used EFT (tapping) to try to get underneath the resistance to letting in love. And, after about a week (and, I admit, a short visit to Disneyland), I am now spending part of each day breathing in love, breathing out love.

Love is everywhere – it is in the air, the sun, the trees, the ocean. So much love is held by our spirit guides and angels, by our animal friends, by our human friends. When we breathe in love, breathe out love – we don’t need to think of any one person or place or animal – we can just open to LOVE – which, I believe, is life and all existence.

The next step is even more exciting. We can breathe love into our bodies, our cells, our pain, the parts of us we don’t like or are angry at. I have been overweight most of my life – and I still am. The weight is an amazing teacher and guide – and has led me on a wonderful journey of knowing myself and healing. I was sitting and deeply listening to the excess fat in my body, and I noticed how much pain, anger, old heaviness it held. That’s when I decided to start breathing love into my cells – all of my cells, especially the fat cells! It is gradually lightening up.

We can breathe in love, breathe out love – breathe it into our hearts, our cells, our hurting parts, breathe it out into the air, to our loved ones, to those who are hurting, to our country, to the world. Let yourself be guided and get creative. And, bask in the love you are breathing and sharing.