The other day I was feeling down – and after doing some tapping and tuning in, I realized I was grieving – grieving for our country, for all the anger and hatred and suffering. The elections are definitely getting to me, even though I don’t watch or read the news, other than FaceBook. It is such a challenge to not get hooked in and upset. Mostly I am deeply sad. It hurts my heart.

I believe that what we put our attention on, we get more of. I believe that it does not really matter if I love, hate, feel anger, or fear – when I am focusing on someone with any emotion, I am giving them energy. And, there are some people I definitely don’t want to give energy to!

I also totally believe that light dispels darkness. When we walk into a dark room and turn on the light, the darkness is gone. I also believe that love is more powerful than fear – that it will always prevail, including this year.

How, then, do we get ourselves to shift from fear and sadness into love? The other evening, I was using tapping, which helped, but I was still sad and scared. Then I remembered – what we put our attention on is what we get more of. I had to take my attention off of what I don’t want, and put it on what I do want – which is well-being and happiness for all of us.

I decided that what I needed to do is to send healing to the United States. At least once a day. And to send love and healing to the people I support, and do my best to ignore the others – to remove my energy from them.

Here’s my process – I hope you will join me in whatever way works for you.

First, I believe everything has a spirit – that I call a Manitou. Homes, businesses, families, states, countries – all have a Manitou. The Manitou does it’s best to support it’s domain – whether a home, family, or country. Can you imagine being the Manitou of the U.S.?? Yikes!

I start by centering and grounding myself, calling in my guides and angels and protective guides, then I ask to call in all the guides and angels for the Manitou, seeing it surrounded by love and light.

Then I imagine that deep in the earth – under our entire country, is a huge ball of divine unconditional love and light – like a huge sun deep in the earth. This ball of love and light sends energy up through the earth, up to the soil, filling the air and everything on the surface of our country, and up into the atmosphere. I hold this vision and energy until it feels full and clear.

I move back to the Manitou, who is embracing our country, and ask that the Manitou sink it’s feet into the earth – and into the huge ball of love and light, grounding into the divine love. I also see the Manitou’s head connected to Source, so it is full and supported, and so it can support the United States.

When I spend a few minutes to send healing to our country, whether it is Reiki, or prayer, or a visualization like the above, I feel better. I move from sadness and fear into love. As we heal others, we always heal ourselves.

I hope you allow yourself to feel good and be happy.