I was sitting with some friends a few weeks ago after a totally beautiful walk by the ocean. The weather was perfect, the sky bright blue, the ocean sparkling.

My friends lost their home in the Santa Rosa fire, and had come down to the Santa Cruz area to get away for a couple of days. I remember seeing their post about their home on Facebook, and saying out loud “OH NO!” I can’t even imagine!

They are staying with a friend in Santa Rosa, and we spent some time doing healing work on the energy of their friend’s home, and their space in the home. I could see that their area felt very gray (like smoke), and the energy of the home felt sort of chaotic.

We started by working on the energy of the whole Santa Rosa area. I always like to start with the biggest, surrounding energy, so it supports the more focused healing. My teacher Rosalyn Bruyere says “Auras are contagious and the biggest aura wins.” Of course, the Santa Rosa area is the biggest aura.

We planted a huge ball of divine light and love in the earth under the Santa Rosa area, and asked that the divine love fill the earth, the soil, the homes and buildings standing and those that turned to ash, the air. We asked that everyone in Santa Rosa be connected with their guides and angels, grounded into the ball of divine love and light, and hooked up to their source. We asked to channel peace to the whole area – with each exhale, we sent peace from our hearts to Santa Rosa. And, we could feel the stress and anxiety and fear calm down, and peace come in.

Then we focused on the home where my friends were staying, grounding it into the ball of love and light. We worked with the Manitou, or spirit, of the home to calm the confusion and chaos, to connect the home up to Source. Finally, we worked to clear my friends’ space in the home, asking the Manitou to reach it’s arms out to include their area, and to ground it into the ball of light underground, and hook it up to Source. All of us could feel a beautiful and powerful shift, not only in the Santa Rosa home, but also in my friends’ personal energy.

It is too easy to be overwhelmed by all the disasters and pain and suffering, especially these days. Many of us feel the pain, even though personally we are OK. The beautiful paradox is that the more we send healing, or donate time or money, or help in some way, the better we feel. After spending time with my friends and working with them to send healing, I felt light and good instead of heavy and sad. Helping is empowering!

I spend time most evenings meditating and sending healing to those in pain, to areas that have suffered natural disasters, to those afraid, to our country and world. It is what helps me to feel hope and peace.