We in California and parts of Oregon know we desperately need rain. This Mercury News article says “Last year was the driest calendar year in recorded history in California in most cities, with records going back 160 years.” Yow!

We can individually, daily, put energy and intention into bringing the rain – and we can also come together as a group at a specified day and time to help heal this dryness.

In addition to our individual efforts, let’s create BIG SYNERGY (the vision of my friend Amanda)!! There is great power in focused attention and numbers. Amanda is working to coordinate with other friends who are “big into energy facilitation”. We need to do this soon while it’s still the rainy season.

Like many folks, I have been praying for rain, and wondering what we can do energetically, spiritually, psychically, to help bring the rain. Today during my meditation I was excited to receive wonderful guidance. Use the ideas below as you are guided.

  1. Start with you! I believe “we are the world”, and “as within, so without”. Take care of yourself by drinking enough water – keep yourself hydrated, and remember to be grateful for the water. Also, find balance in your life. Where are you out of balance? Working too hard & not relaxing? Always taking care of others with no time for you? Try and find better balance!
  2. Remember that what we put our attention on we get more of – the basic “law of attraction”. Let’s put our attention on rain and moisture, not on dryness. Visualize, feel, smell, see the rain. Use all of your senses. Remember what the fresh moisture of rain smells like, remember what it feels like on you face. Feel, see, and smell the moisture.
  3. Imagine you are a magnet, and magnetize the rain to you (or to California, if you don’t live in the state). Draw it to you and feel it surround you and soak into the earth.Now, for some energy healing ideas to help bring the rain:
  4. We can energetically work to smooth out the high-pressure ridge so it does not block the rain. Start by grounding, energetically connecting into the earth. Here is my grounding meditation (which offers one way to ground, not the only way). While grounding, feel energy from the earth running into your feet, through your body and out your hands. You can also use Reiki for this! Now put your hands in front of you or on your lap, 6 to 12 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine that between your palms is Southern Oregon and California. Include the high pressure ridge between your palms (see the picture from the Mercury News article). Now, imagine (and feel, if you can) energy moving back and forth between your hands, back and forth between the outside of the ridge (where the rain is), across and through Oregon and California, and back again. It is like running energy in the form of an infinity sign, back and forth, smoothing out the energy and balancing it.
  5. We can energetically work directly to break up what one researcher is calling the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” (RRR) that is blocking the rain from coming to California. Imagine that the RRR is between your hands. Imagine doors and windows in the RRR. Staying grounded into the earth, run energy out of both your hands with the intention that it will meet in the middle of the RRR. It is like 2 waves hitting each other in the ocean. At the point that they hit, they can break up the mass, and/or create holes in it.
  6. Bring the atmosphere back into balance. After I read the article below, I realized the atmosphere is out of balance. There is high pressure off the coast, which is blocking the rain that we so desperately need. The simple visual I have is like a cake with all the frosting on one side – it needs to be smoothed out and balanced.

What are your ideas and visualizations? PLEASE COMMENT AND SHARE – Let’s work together!

Here is a great article from the Mercury News.

From the article: ?“… meteorologists have fixed their attention on the scientific phenomenon they say is to blame for the emerging drought: a vast zone of high pressure in the atmosphere off the West Coast, nearly four miles high and 2,000 miles long, so stubborn that one researcher has dubbed it the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.”

Like a brick wall, the mass of high pressure air has been blocking Pacific winter storms from coming ashore in California, deflecting them up into Alaska and British Columbia, even delivering rain and cold weather to the East Coast. Similar high-pressure zones pop up all the time during most winters, but they usually break down, allowing rain to get through to California. This one, ominously, has anchored itself for 13 months, since December 2012, making it unprecedented in modern weather records and leaving researchers scratching their heads.

“It’s like the Sierra — a mountain range just sitting off the West Coast — only bigger,” said Bob Benjamin, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Monterey. “This ridge is sort of a mountain in the atmosphere. In most years, it comes and goes. This year it came and didn’t go.””