I love my sister. We grew up with our challenges, and we are very different. I was the oldest, and not the nicest person, especially to her… However, we now have fun traveling together to Disneyland and Hawaii, we talk frequently, and we love and support each other.

A few weeks ago, my sister asked me to start sending her weekly distant healings. She was going through alot of stress, and needed some help and some insights.

I sent her first healing and was amazed at the level of stress I sensed. I tried to calm down her adrenals and calm her body – and after almost an hour of working on her, I still had a sense that her body was holding lots of fear. It felt like cellular-level past-life terror to me, and I just could not get it cleared.

I phoned my sister and let her know what I noticed. Interestingly, she confirmed what I was sensing. She shared with me that her brain has never felt “right” – and that she felt terrified from the time she was very young. She never had a happy life (until recently), always felt like a victim, never felt “good enough,” and did not know how to stand up for herself. As I listened and tuned in, I had the sense that she never had a lifetime that was happy and easy – never! She was a victim lifetime after lifetime, holding lots of terror. Of course she was stuck in “life in hard & scary” mentality.

I love working with past lives. My perception is that they are “personalities from other times and places,” and are stuck in this earth plane because of trauma, and because they want to help us stay safe. I love to help them transition to “the light,” where they are free of all the pain and suffering, and pure light.

Working with my sister, I think we cleared over 200 past lives! I don’t know if I have ever cleared that many. We called in her sweet spirit and did some other powerful work.

What was very special is that she felt like her whole life changed – she could tell her life-long program of fear and being a victim was gone. Since that session, she is noticing that she is reacting differently, and catching herself when she goes into overwhelm and victim thinking.

I continue to work with her weekly, and she continues to clear old fear and pain, anger and overwhelm. She is doing such a great job of watching for the old programmed reaction, and choosing to be present and empowered.

What is the connection between stress and fear, and heart issues? It is interesting that my sister had a heart attack about two years ago (she was 63 years old!), and her world view was terror. She was blessed with a new life after heroic intervention for her heart, and now she is courageous enough to shift her core beliefs to create a new life in a new way.