I have been a student of Abraham-Hicks for years. And, for years I have wondered what to call “healing”. Because, if you get sort of picky or literal about the Law of Attraction, the word “healing” implies that something is wrong. I was delighted during the Abraham Panama Canal Cruise (March 13 – 23, 2011) when Abraham was asked about healing. Here is a transcript of what was shared:

“Whenever someone says to us “I aspire to be a healer” or “I am a healer”, we like to say we really really really like the word “teacher/healer, teacher/healer, teacher/healer” because everyone who is out of balance in terms of their physical body, and therefore what they would say “being in need of healing”, every one of them in the contrast that they are living, has set forth a new and improved vibrational version of themselves into their vortex.

“And so, … we want to say that that “well being”, that “being that is well” is known on some level to anyone who is sick. In other words, that vortex version of them exists. And source is holding that vibrational wellness in readiness for them, but they have to find a way to achieve vibrational access to it. So, there really is no healing taking place where someone who has established themselves as a “healer” is now asserting the healing into you. What they are doing is influencing you into the allowing of the well being that has already been lined up for you in your vortex…

“A healer is a teacher who assists you in preparing yourself vibrationally to allow the healing that is natural to you and waiting for you, that for whatever reason you have been denying yourself until this “healer” shines the spotlight on it and made it more accessible to you… Healing is about the power of influence, influencing you into your vortex, to where you allow the healing that is there for you. The healer just influences you to the vibration where you allow the healing that was there for you… Healing and releasing resistance are identical terminology.”

Is this awesome, or what? My view is that healing is absolutely teaching! When I have my hands on a client, I am energetically, and often verbally, reminding their body about how to move energy or how to let go of stuckness, or how to be grounded.

We teach what we need to learn. We heal and teach at the same time. And our bodies are eager to learn and heal.

From oprah’s spirit newsletter:

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” —  Paulo Coelho