“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Ancient Egypt had different words for the intelligence of the head and intelligence of the heart. The intelligence of the heart was regarded as true wisdom, to be listened to and followed. Intelligence of the head did not carry as much weight; it was seen more as chatter.

I think I spent most of my life “not home” – living from my head instead of my heart. My husband sometimes asks about my past, and my answer to many of his questions is “well, those were the numb years.” I appeared to be successful and functional, educated, with good jobs, moving through life – but I was not really present in my body, not grounded, not in touch with my heart or my intuition – not even close to feeling all there is to feel in life.

Years ago I was in a week-long training called “Anatomy and Physiology for Healers.” It was a brilliant class where we learned to energetically feel the tissue inside of the body, and help to it heal. We were doing a process to feel inside of the heart. The idea was to energetically sink into our partner’s heart and feel the heart beating, the power in the muscle, the blood rushing through, the valves opening and closing. As I sank into my partner’s heart, I sensed a jolt and felt as though I touched a brilliant infinite light – like I touched God. My own heart opened wide in the process, and I think I cried through the rest of the workshop.

Some time later, I was doing healing work with a client, and as I touched their heart, I had a sense of a closed door. We explored the door, invited it to open, and once again I felt like I touched God. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients and students to open to their divine heart space, to feel their own amazing spirit and divinity. To connect with who they really are.

We all have brilliant divine energy in us. And we all have access to this divine energy. One of the easiest ways to move into your heart is through your breath. Move your awareness down to your heart area, and imagine you can breathe into your heart. Just relax, focus on your breath, and breathe into and out from your heart.

A wonderful meditative process you can do at any time is to imagine you are breathing love into your heart (or peace or happiness or whatever feels good to you) – and breathing out what you no longer want to carry – fear, pain, anxiety, anger. Breathe in love, breathe out fear. Just follow your breath.

Our culture tends to give our thoughts, our heads, all the power. Science, logic, literal thinking is what is respected. But what about the wisdom of our hearts? My sense is we need balance. We need to listen to our bodies, to our hearts, to our intuition. We need to feel our feelings. And of course we need functioning brains. I like to imagine my brain and my heart holding hands, working together as a team in a harmonious balance. They need each other.

Dive into your heart, feel and listen to your heart – relax and breathe in love, breathe out fear.