“I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

We’ve all got dreams, plans, ideas and projects. We are all a work in progress. We all want MORE – more health, more love, more happiness, more money, more success, more rest, more balance, more peace…

My personal list is long – and it has been for a number of years. Having a long list, to me, means having enthusiasm and passion for life. I love all the creative ideas I have – especially about sharing healing and teaching. I feel excited and I also, at times, feel overwhelmed and resistant – and I find myself procrastinating. And then I feel bad because I am not accomplishing all I want to accomplish! Does any of this sound familiar?

The good news is there are some great tools to help you let go of the resistance, the overwhelm, the procrastination, and the subsequent voices that judge you for not “accomplishing enough”. Here are my favorites:

1. Reiki!
I know I am often reminding you “Reiki people” to use this amazing lovely energy, and inviting those of you who don’t yet have Reiki as part of your life to learn it.

I use Reiki to start my day, and during the day as needed. It is such a loving, peaceful, warm energy – and such a nice way to wake up gently. We need energy to go for our dreams, and Reiki energy is always available for us to use on ourselves and others.

We can also use Second Degree Reiki in many creative ways:

  • clear your physical space so you are energetically supported
  • heal the relationship between you and your dreams, success, money, etc.
  • heal the source of your resistance or procrastination
  • Reiki is so simple and so fun – I often tell my Second Degree students that we are only limited by our creativity! We can work hands-on and/or at a distance, in present, past, or future time … what else is there??

2. Tapping (also knows as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping is by far the best tool I have found in my 30+ years of personal growth training and research. It is great to help attract what I want in my life – my dreams – by clearing out my old negative and limiting beliefs. I am happier and emotionally healthier since I started tapping than ever before in my life.

I use tapping almost every day. I share it with my clients. I continue to be amazed at how quick and powerful a tool it is to help totally shift emotional blocks or beliefs, fear and anxiety, past traumas or phobias, pain – you name it, you can use tapping on it.

I often use tapping to help myself let go of resistance and procrastination and come back into a place of focus and enthusiasm. I use it to let go of frustration and anger and come back to a place of love. I use tapping with my clients, in person and on the phone. Here is some more info.

3. Remember it’s OK to take just one step toward your dream. That’s all you can ever do – just take one step, then another, then another. Be gentle with yourself.

Some of my dreams are about creating a number of tele-classes. The series I am currently working on will offer many more tools to help you let go of your limitations and create your dreams and be who you really are. More soon!