“The more you focus on words that uplift you, the more you embody the ideas contained in those words.” – Oprah

I am getting ready for surgery on Thursday – a hysterectomy to correct a prolapse that has bothered me for at least 20 years. Over the years I have thought about taking care of it (and then another year passed) – but I woke up one morning earlier this year and said out loud “This is it! I’m done. You are coming out!” So the doctor’s visits started, the pre-op appointments, the tests, and now I am in “count-down mode” – next week at this time I will be recovering and hopefully doing really well.

I love to help people before and after surgery – or any/all other big events (chemo, radiation, etc.). I believe that every cell of our body has eyes and ears and little periscopes that can stick out and look around. The body is very literal. It needs to know what will be happening, and it really needs to know that it is not being attacked – that the surgery or procedure is being done out of love for the body, for life, for good health.

When I work with clients pre-surgery, we work to balance the energy, and also to talk with the body and let it know exactly what will happen – from the needles for the IVs, to where the incisions will be, to how long the surgery will take, etc. We ask for the body to work with the surgeons to minimize bleeding, to heal quickly with minimal pain.

We also talk with the part of the body that will be removed (if that is part of the surgery). We let it know we love it, we appreciate how hard it worked and how hard it tried. And we bless it and let it know it will be going to the light.

Many of us have had some trauma – physical or emotional – that may be related to the part of the body being removed. A while back I was working with a client who was getting ready for breast reduction surgery. We asked that any trauma in her body related to unwelcome energy being directed at her breasts be removed with the excess tissue.

In my case, I am asking that all of the energy related to my sexual relationships – to having sex when I really did not want to, to wanting love and having sex, to heaviness and sadness about past sexual relationships – all be magnetized into my uterus and removed with it. At the same time I am letting my uterus know I love and appreciate it.

On a more practical note, I am preparing for surgery with guided meditation. Here is a good one that includes affirmations about healing. I have also spoken with my surgeons about being conscious and positive when they speak during the surgery – when I am “under” with the anesthesia. And, when possible, to talk about minimal bleeding, quick healing, how well the surgery is going, etc. (ha ha – and NO talking about politics!).

Finally, I am sending light and love and healing energy to the operating room – asking that the energy support me and the whole surgery team.

Our bodies hear our thoughts and our words, and do their best to support us. And, as we consciously prepare for surgery or any other procedure, we are loving and supporting our bodies.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – C.G. Jung