I have a dear friend who I have known since 1997 when she took her first Reiki class with me. Since then, she has taken all of my classes, helped me to teach some of them, helped me when I coordinated workshops for Rosalyn Bruyere, traveled to Greece with me in 1999.. We have been friends a long time.

In the past few months, her health / mobility became increasingly challenged. She thought she had pulled a muscle in her back – and over time it became too painful for her to get in and out of her car, or go up and down her stairs, lay flat in her bed, or sit up. When I spoke with her about two weeks ago, she was unable to sit or stand, and was having trouble breathing. At that point, I suggested a 911 call – and, bless them! they got her down the stairs and to the hospital. The initial report was partial kidney failure and pneumonia – very scary stuff.. but it got worse!

A few days later, I got a phone call from my friend saying “It’s the worst possible news – I probably have cancer”. I was with her most of that day in the hospital. We learned that she had very high calcium in her blood because cancer had been attacking her bones and partly dissolving them! The high calcium caused kidney failure and compromised her immune system. So, while the doctors were working on reducing the calcium in her blood, reducing her pain, and helping her to breathe better – I was able to help her with Reiki and Energy Healing.

Even though she felt shocked, in grief, scared.. you name it! – the Reiki and Energy Healing helped her to relax. Her body easily received the energy, and helped her cells remember how to be healthy. And the healing helped me to relax and be present with my friend.

I continue to be grateful and in awe of the gift of hands-on healing. It is empowering. Every time we give it, we receive it – so when faced with “the worst possible news”, we can be soothed and calmed and grounded along with whoever we are touching. One of my wonderful students says Reiki is “physical prayer”. What a lovely phrase.