My sister shared something very interesting with me a while ago – she said that she sometimes asks herself “How would I be feeling and thinking if I was in the vortex?” And then she consciously chooses to shift her attitude and step into the vortex! WOW! What a concept!

So, what’s a “vortex”? It is the word that Abraham-Hicks (one of my favorite teachers) uses to describe being in a state of well-being, being in alignment, being happy, being connected to who we really are, being in the zone – you get the picture.

So, what would you be thinking if you were in the vortex? When I ask myself this, it is almost like I take a step to the side, a step into my vortex – and life looks different from in there. It looks much brighter, happier, better! I can smile and get into appreciation and gratitude. I can get into the flow of well-being – sometimes…

What I find interesting is that if I am feeling down or angry or stressed or “off” in some way, even though I can step into my vortex and look at the world from that place, I sometimes resist being in there. Some part of me wants to stubbornly stay in a funk. Now what? I can choose to feel bad and stew, or I can do something to shift it. Maybe moving from funk to the vortex is too big a step.

What I find really helpful is tapping – using the Emotional Freedom Technique. It feels like the missing link – at least for me – in working with the law of attraction and in just plain feeling good! Most of us can’t just shift from feeling bad to feeling good. We need to let go of, or clean out, the bad feelings to make space for the good feelings. We can’t (as my beloved teacher Rosalyn Bruyere used to say) “put whipped cream on garbage”. Great visual! First, clean out the garbage – then enjoy the whipped cream! First, clean up the wound then let it heal from the inside out.

I am a big believer in feeling my feelings. I support my clients and students in feeling into their organs and tissue – into really deeply listening. Then in letting go of what does not serve us. And, tapping is the most powerful and quick process I have found. If you are interested in learning more about tapping, I just added a new page to my website called Home & Office Clearing. Watch for some phone or webinar classes on clearing!

Other ways to feel better? Here are some hints from an Abraham-Hicks seminar I recently attended:

  • “Be nicer to yourself…
  • You need to play more.
  • You need to go outside more.
  • You need to move your body more.
  • You need to drink more water.
  • You need to quiet your mind more.
  • You need to make more lists of positive aspects (what you are grateful for).
  • You need to appreciate more.
  • And most of all, you need to give yourselves a break!”

And, of course – add to the above Reiki and energy healing.