“Without deep peace of mind, we cannot be the people we are capable of being, and we cannot live the lives we are capable of living.” — Marianne Williamson

I was at Disneyland (again) in September. OK – I just can’t stay away. I admit it. (I visited again for a few days last week to enjoy the holiday decorations and spirit…) My husband Jim did not realize he would create a “monster” by giving me an Annual Pass last year – guess what I want this year for Christmas? ha ha…

This was such an interesting trip because both my friend and I quickly moved into a space of utter calm, relaxation, and flow. We laughed and screamed (on rides) and wandered around, every once in awhile checking my FitBit – we walked over 18,000 steps each day! We ate when we were hungry, stopped and sat when we were tired, and planned very little. If there was a line, we went to another attraction. We were in the moment and in the flow.

Now, I know that sounds sort of crazy – people are usually totally amped up, running from one place to another when in Disneyland, trying to get on all the rides and in all the shops. But we were just happy and relaxed – and the word that came to both of us was “content”.

Since then I have become increasingly aware of how much stress I hold in my body. Until we can get really quiet, calm, and content, we may not know that what we perceive as “normal” is actually stress. I can now tune into my body (and that of my clients) and feel quiet – or feel a “buzz”. That “buzz” is stress, and is not healthy. But, sadly, it is the typical “baseline” for most of us.

How are you feeling right now? Grounded and present, or stressed? Here are some ways you can find the calm amidst stress:

  • Start with awareness: Is your body “buzzing”, or quiet?
  • If you can feel the “buzz”, then you can remind your body that all is well, there is no reason to be stressed.
  • Feel gratitude for your life and all the blessings. Remind yourself that you are safe and all is well.
  • Consciously breathe out the stress and breathe in the calm contentment. Let go and relax
  • Drink water.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Feel your feet on the ground.
  • Get outside into nature and breathe in the aliveness.
  • Use my Grounding Guided Imagery Meditation.

After my totally content experience, I realized I want to walk through my days like I walked through Disneyland. Give yourself permission to let go of the list of “have-to’s” and ask “What feels good to do NOW?” Tune in and get present with each step. Relax and breathe.

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” — Eckhart Tolle

I am so excited about my new-found calm and contentment and awareness. It has absolutely supported my creative energy. My life has been changing this fall – from letting go of teaching live classes to starting to share via tele-classes (coming soon!), from more and more amazing insights and healing during sessions – and just this week I woke up one day and decided it was time to get back to work on a book I started about my mother’s aging and death process, and how energy healing can help.

If you want some help relaxing and letting go of the stress, contact me about a healing session. I am currently running a “special” on 30 minute phone sessions. Normally $50, they are now $40 until January 1.