I continue to be amazed at the healing that happens during my classes and sessions. Maybe that’s why I never get tired of the world of energy and healing. I see so many miracles.

Last weekend my most wonderful Intuitive Energy Medicine 8-month Program group met. Almost everyone dragged in on Saturday morning feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed out, in some cases scared.. Some of the women expressed financial fears and stressors – basic survival issues. Some also shared boundary issues – taking care of others before taking care of self, and/or not expressing needs and feelings.

Of course, part of what was on my agenda was to teach about our kidneys and adrenal glands. Perfect timing. We all needed it!

Years ago, I remember reading that Chinese Medicine teaches that we are born with a certain amount of “chi” (life force energy) in our kidneys. Like money in the bank. And, by the time we reach 40 years of age, we have used up the chi we were born with – and we need to generate what is needed – with things like T’ai Chi, Chi Gong, acupuncture, and the like. What is very clear is that once most of us reach our 40’s, we need to take better care of ourselves.

When I feel a client’s or student’s kidneys/adrenals I learn alot about the person – from how much water they are drinking to how much stress they are feeling to how much they are sleeping, and more. Almost all of my clients need to have their kidneys filled up and “grounded”. I “ground” kidneys by reminding them they have legs and feet and a connection to the earth.

Last weekend when I put my hands on my student’s kidneys, they felt vacant and empty! I had never felt such depleted kidneys. Knowing the circumstances and stressors in her life – from financial challenges and job hunting after 25 years of not working, to trying to be the positive and loving support for her husband who has been working as an entrepreneur but not bringing in income, to supporting her grown children – it was clear that she was keeping going out of sheer determination. She had been “running on fumes” for way too long.

After filling up her kidneys and balancing her adrenals, she started feeling human again. I admit, with my sick sense of humor I was making zombie jokes.. I am stunned by how most of us can keep going with almost zero energy. We don’t feel or enjoy life, we often focus on taking care of others – but we keep going, often feeling numb.

Are you sometimes feeling like a zombie? We are not meant to go through life like that! Make sure you are sleeping as much as you can. If you know Reiki, use it on your kidney area. Get your back up against a big tree and receive the energy from the tree and the earth. Use my grounding meditation to fill yourself up. Eat healthy food and cut out the sugar and caffeine if you can. There is hope, but it means you taking care of you first. Remember one of my favorite quotes from my teacher Rosalyn Bruyere “The world is not a better place if we are up one patient and down one healer”. (or up one child and down one parent, or up one spouse and down their spouse..).

I would love your comments! What kind of help do you need? How are you taking care of yourself?