We have so much to pray for these days – the huge disaster in Nepal, the violence in Baltimore, so much more. When I sit to meditate each morning, I often spend time sending healing to me and my challenges – and also to friends and loved ones, and national or world disasters.

This morning was interesting. I started with Nepal. When I tuned in, I sensed so much love, so much prayer, so much peace. It was in a bubble of love and peace, so I added what I could.

Then I tuned into Baltimore. I sensed chaotic energy, anger, dark energies and struggle. I tried to send healing, it would not “stick”. I tried to send peace. Did not change anything. Then I shifted to LOVE – ahhh – why do I so often forget to send love? That was what was needed to soothe the city and the people.

I was reminded of an amazing experience years ago during a class I was teaching. It was one of the last weekends of my 8-month Energy Medicine Program, and we were having “clinic”. We invited several people from the community who were in need of healing, and teams of students worked on them for three separate sessions. It was a wonderful learning and healing experience.

One of the students waved me over during a healing, and whispered in my ear that she sensed “ETs” in the corner – and was not sure what to do! We certainly did not mention this to our clients! We finished the clinic healings, and then as a group we tuned in and worked to clear our healing space.

I know and teach alot about shifting energy and clearing space. And, I have to say we tried most of it! We used Reiki symbols, we used smudge and sound, we called in guides and angels and asked that our “visitors” be escorted out. We resisted and tried to shoo them away. We tried to communicate and ask them to leave. Nope, not budging. Then a light bulb went off in my head. As a group, we channeled love to them. Everything softened, and they left.

What a wonderful healing lesson for me – one that I sometimes still forget. What we resist persists. Love can get through everything – it is a frequency and light that is the ultimate healer.