“and I said to my body, softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this’” – Nayyirah Waheed

In February of 2015, my sister Chris had a heart attack! At the age of 63! She had a miraculous healing – the story is here: https://www.lightenyourway.com/my-sisters-miraculous-healing/ – and she is now healthy and happy and living in Kona, HI.

Chris completely changed her life and the way she eats, thinks, and takes care of herself. She has wonderful support in Kona, and sees her Cardiologist on a regular basis. Part of her support is to get regular blood tests to check her cholesterol. When we were talking last week, she was saying she was feeling nervous about her upcoming blood test, because her LDL had risen a bit, and she did not want to increase her meds.

Chris loves to receive weekly healings from me, and also loves to be part of my Weekly Group Healing Teleclass. We have done lots of work to help her move from an attitude of “life is hard and then you die” to “I’m so grateful and life is good!” More about that is here: https://www.lightenyourway.com/whats-good/.

In terms of Chris’s heart attack in 2015, the fact that she is alive and well is a miracle. Doctors were stunned to see her sitting up in bed and talking a couple of days after the event. Apparently, only about 10% of people survive and get their lives back. So, the attitude about her heart attack has been immense gratitude.

When I tuned into Chris recently, I realized that we were all so grateful that she is alive and healthy and happy, that we completely ignored the trauma her body experienced. Apparently, she “coded” 10 times!! and they kept working to bring her back, then put in 3 stents! There have been so many blessings, but what about the trauma?

As I worked on her healing, I realized that her body needed to be heard. It needed to express how hard it was. It needed her to listen and feel and pay attention to all that it has been through. Gratitude is great, but the trauma in her body was being ignored. Life is never black and white. Law of Attraction (what we put our attention on is what we attract into our lives) sometimes has us afraid to feel the heavier or sadder or angrier or traumatic feelings. My personal view is everything is energy, including E-Motions (Energy in Motion), and we need to feel them to support flow in our bodies and lives. And we need to feel them to let them go.

So, Chris started listening to her body and journaling what it was saying. She was shocked and excited about all that came through. Basically, her body told her that it felt blamed for everything wrong in her life, that it felt hated and not loved, and that it felt she wanted it to die. WOW!! Chris has made time to do some journaling daily, and is becoming friends with her body, listening to it, loving it, being so grateful for her body and her life, but not ignoring trauma, fear, anger, pain, and the like.

So, we will see how her next blood test comes out. Meanwhile, she is now partners with her body, feeling all of her feelings (not just the “positive” ones), listening to her body and loving it.

“When you nurture your body, it reciprocates.” – Oprah Winfrey