The cycles and changes in life never cease to amaze me! We get to love, hold on, let go, feel pain, feel joy, feel
peace – and breathe and trust! I am experiencing and seeing more changes and shifts right now than I have in a long time. I sense this is part of our Winter Solstice, and the energy around December 21, 2012.

What a month this has been! My dear friend Lisa died peacefully in her home, with her mother and sister by her side, on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. She was 58. I was honored to spend time with her the week before, and the Sunday and Monday before her passing. On Monday, the night before she died, there was so much light and love and expansion in her space. Just sitting with her was a meditation.

Here is something wonderful that Lisa shared toward the end of her journey: “the fact that maybe even because I’m immobilized, I’m noticing more and more beauty, shapes that the light makes in the trees at different times throughout the day, noticing little details like my mom’s sweater pull that looks like a beautiful little goddess, finding something that I can notice during the day that does bring me a sense of beauty or happiness and something I may not have really seen before or noticed without having to be so much in one place.” As she was forced to become more still, she saw more beauty!

After Lisa’s passing, my friend Teresa Wagner and I went into high gear to find a new home for Lisa’s 15-year old cat, Houdie. Houdie’s person died, but she was still very much alive. Not an easy task! And, still not complete.

Teresa is an animal communicator, and has contacts all over the world. She and I put up FaceBook posts and emails, and Teresa received over 100 emails, but most of them were not offers to adopt. (“NO, we can’t fly her to England or to Massachusetts..”). Teresa found what sounded like the perfect home, with a friend of hers who has two older cats. But it turned out that her friend made some serious mistakes integrating the cats, and got so flustered and upset, that we had to move Houdie again! The blessing here was that Houdie’s presence brought a big problem to the attention of this woman’s friends – who are now concerned about early Dementia, and taking steps to take care of her.

Houdie was fostered for awhile, and then an amazing angel of a woman offered to take her – this woman was the first one to offer, and, silly me, I did not say “yes” at the time. Houdie has a forever home with a wonderful woman and 2 other cats.

Meanwhile, every time I “tune into” my friend Lisa, she is totally happy and busy with a wonderful group of other beings “on the other side”. I frequently ask for her help to find Houdie her “forever home”. She’d rather be playing and visiting with her new friends, but she does help when asked!

Happy Holidays! May you be blessed with lovely light during this darkest time of the year.