A few weeks ago, I received a request for a distant healing via email from someone who had been experiencing severe and mysterious digestive challenges for over a year. After receiving her email, I started tuning into her and noticed that her aura, her energy field, seemed full of energies that were not necessarily her guides. I sent her an email asking how she felt about guides & angels, past lives, spirits, etc. Interestingly she was totally open to all of this, and in fact, had been interested in and participated in paranormal research.

OK! That just confirmed what I had been sensing – that at least part, if not all, of her problem was about spirit – entities that did not belong in her energy, and past lives that were very stuck in her body. I did several healings on this person, and she started feeling better. As I intuitively look at her now, her energy and body still look clear.

Another client was having trouble recovering from the death of her brother. When I checked in, my sense was that her brother had not made his full transition to “the light”. We did a short session, and helped him across where he is ecstatically happy and free, and now her grief has healed significantly.

A recent client came to see me because of serious digestive issues. We discovered, among other things, that her mother, who was very difficult to grow up with, was in her belly and hooked into my client. Once we helped the mother to the light, and released other energies from her belly, she felt much lighter and healthier.

These are just a few examples of how powerfully healing working with Spirit can be – for yourself and others! When we know how to connect with Spirit, we can not only call in loving help, guidance, and protection at any time, we can help people and animals who are no longer in bodies to the light, help clear past lives, access Spirit Doctors for healing, and more.

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