Weekly Energy Healing Sessions

Weekly Energy Healing Sessions

Weekly Energy Group Healing Sessions


Mondays at Noon Pacific


June Session starts June 8, 2020


July Session starts July 6, 2020


NEW!! Thursdays at 6pm Pacific


June Evening Session starts Thursday, June 11, 2020


$60 for 4 weeks


THAT’S ONLY $15 PER HEALING SESSION! A great deal for weekly tuneups!


“Great healing session & so grateful for your abilities to help each of us. I always feel so much better after each session & I can tell the results are sustaining. Yay!
Many thank you’s & Blessings.” – D.V.

“I feel as if I’m floating in a soft fluffy cloud. Thank you!” – T.Z.

“I am feeling really good and want to thank you and the group for everything you do. I feel like I got such a great lift from these calls.” – C.O.

“I just wanted to thank you again for the weekly healings you have been doing. I listen to them frequently. You and your amazing healing have made a wonderful positive difference in my life. Thanks for being my friend and healer. I look forward to our next weekly sessions.”  B.J.

“For me it was hugely powerful and knock you socks off. I had to take a nap and went into a deep sleep for an hour! I felt the energy in my entire body …. am so much lighter inside and continue to be a bit tingly. Thank you so very much for this wonderful and needed healing.” – E.B.


How does this work? We have a wonderful group of 5 – 15 people on a conference call. You just dial a number and enter your access code. We spend about 15 minutes doing “check-in” – what do you want / need during this session? People request help with their immune system, letting go of what they don’t need (“vacuuming”), help with pain, inner peace, and alot more. Then I mute everyone and we do the distant healing. I put everyone out in front of me and work on general as well as specific challenges, while verbally letting you know what I am doing. Everyone benefits from all of the healing I am sending, whether or not I am addressing your specific request.

I believe the cells of your body have eyes and ears and little periscopes, so when we let them know what we want, they do their best to cooperate. The whole call is recorded, and listening to the recording offers you more healing. The call can be downloaded or listened to online after the session.


These amazing and brilliant bodies of ours need alot of regular care to feel good. Not just to survive but to thrive. We need to feed them, water them, bathe them, exercise them, rest them… and my belief is that we regularly need to energetically heal them. We are body, mind, emotions, and spirit – and to be happy and healthy we need to be full and clear and balanced.

Ideally we are present in our bodies, grounded and healthy. We are in touch with our feelings, with an open heart. We are mentally clear. And, we are full of our own spirit and connected to the divine.

During this weekly live healing teleclass, I will intuitively work with all of you in our healing group, whether you are on the phone call or not. You will be able to request healing for specific challenges, as everyone will benefit.

Weekly healing sessions will be about 45 minutes in length, and include a downloadable recording of the call. You will receive the healing benefit by listening to the recording as well as by being on the call live.

What is a teleclass? It is simply a conference call from your mobile or home phone. You don’t need any fancy computer software. You just need to be able to dial a long distance number, key in the access code, and listen and participate! Easy!!

Give yourself the gift of weekly healing! Click the button below and I will email you a confirmation letter with more information.

June Monday session (June 8, 15, 22, 29, 2020) is $60 for 4 weeks of healing. Click here:

June Thursday Evening session (Thursdays, June 11, 18, 25, & July 2, 2020) is $60 for 4 weeks of healing. Click here:

July Monday session (July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2020) is $60 for 4 weeks of healing. Click here:

“Nothing is more important than that I feel good.” – Abraham Hicks

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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