Advanced Second Degree Reiki

Advanced Second Degree Reiki

Japanese kanji symbol for ReikiMrs. Takata used to say, when completing a Reiki training, “Let Reiki teach you.” Since 1986 when I first learned Reiki, it has taught me so much! I believe in honoring the Reiki tradition, and also in following my intuition and allowing my creativity during healing – for myself and others.

I have taught all levels of Reiki to over 2500 people since 1990. During this fun and powerful tele-class, I will be available to answer your Reiki questions, as well as sharing some wonderful new ways to use Reiki.

During this Advanced Second Degree Reiki Class, I will share some creative ways to use Reiki, especially during distant healing, as well as a very powerful non-traditional technique to “vacuum out energies that do not serve you”.

During this 2-module class, you will learn:

  • How to release energies during hands-on and distant treatments that do not serve you or the client
  • How to use Reiki to clear space
  • How to use Reiki distant healing on relationships
  • How to use Reiki distant healing on past lives
  • How to use Reiki distant healing on the source of issues
  • How to use the Reiki Triangle distant healing technique to work on problems that are not health-related.

Advanced Second Degree Reiki will be offered as a TeleClass on two consecutive Wednesday evenings (approximately one hour per class). The cost for the two sessions is $30. It will include detailed handouts, the ability to review the audio of the class, and an MP3 download.

Prerequisite: You MUST be attuned to Second Degree Reiki and know the Reiki Symbols to participate! This class does not include teaching the Reiki symbols or Reiki attunements.

Note: If you have taken my Third Degree Reiki Practitioner Training, you already have all of the information we will be covering (and more).

Dates & Time: Monday, November 16 & 23, 2015, 6:00PM Pacific

To Register: Click on the PayPal button below. When I receive your registration, I will email you a confirmation letter with the call information. You will receive the handouts several days before the first class.

"Jeanine is both brilliant and gifted, a combination that is magical" 
~ Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere

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