New Years’ celebrations often include setting goals for the year, making New Years Resolutions, saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the new – oh, and drinking champagne. Fun, but most of us aren’t great at keeping our resolutions, and all too quickly get caught in our old “hamster wheel of life”. In fact, more often than not, our good intentions and resolutions end up making us feel worse about ourselves – because we have not lived up to our expectations.

I recently read a letter from one of my favorite authors in which she talked about choosing a word – just one word – before each new year, and using that word as a focus for contemplation for the year. I love the idea!

So I sat and asked myself “what is my word for 2012?” My mind wanted to answer with words like “action”, “accomplish”, “balance”, “allow” – there are so many great words. But the word that came to me intuitively was “love”. Very interesting word! I think I was wanting a word with more action, more do-ing. And, I got a word that is about be-ing. Hmmm. I am not yet sure what it means for me, but I enjoy sitting with openness to learn.

Because I like the “one word” idea so much more than new years resolutions, and because I want to support you in finding your word – I recorded a guided meditation to help you access your word, and added some of my photos of the lovely places I visit – Aptos beach area and Pt. Lobos in Monterey, with some flowers thrown in..


So, you “received” your word – what now? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a short time, at least once a day, to ask your self (inner wisdom, intuition) what you are to learn from your word
  • Write your word on your mirror or somewhere you see it often to remind you
  • Create a Vision Board (collage) based on your word and other aspects you want to invite into your life
  • Ask friends for their input about “your word”
  • Take some time to write in your journal in a “stream-of-consciousness” way about your word.

I would love to hear your word, and what it means to you! Please comment and share!