“People can change until they take their last breath.” – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

I am laughing at myself as I resist change. My “inner whiner” is going off – “it is too much work!”; “I don’t want to do it differently!”; “I like using my computer the way I have for the past eight years!”; “I don’t want to learn something new!”

I have an old laptop computer – it is sort of like an old jalopy – it has had most of its innards replaced, even the keyboard was replaced earlier this year. I like it, it works, I don’t really want to get a new laptop… but then the keyboard started acting up again – almost every comma came out “,m.” Then it started really liking those m’s – mmmmmmmmm. I was hitting the delete key almost more than typing.

So, I called my trusty computer repair place asking for yet another new keyboard, and the helpful guy on the phone said “well, at least you can take care of the problem by getting an external keyboard and mouse.” I could hear my stubborn inner part who wants things to stay the same say “NOOO! I like the way it is now. I don’t want a new keyboard. I don’t want to use a mouse!!.”

But I also got really frustrated with all those mmmmm’s. I am at my computer alot! I need it to work!

So, now I am typing on a new keyboard. I had fun ordering a new mouse pad with Hawaiian pictures because my desk is glass and the mouse won’t work on it. I am reorganizing my desk and trying to figure out the best setup. I have the keyboard in one of those lower pull-out keyboard shelves that I have never used, and I have to say my shoulders are happier.

I am still whiling a bit, but I am looking at the gift and power of change. We have to change to allow healing – whether it is our tissue that changes, or our emotions, or our thinking. During a healing session, our energy always changes – that’s what supports the healing. Change is healing – and can be challenging!

Change helps to keep us open. Not only that, when we are disoriented, which often happens when we are changing, the most healing can happen. Why? Because when we are in our usual routine, we can be unconscious, stay in our rut, unaware. When we are in the midst of change, we are forced to be more present, to pay attention, to think and feel! That is healing!!

I invite you to open to healing as we move into Autumn, as we experience the change of the seasons. I am in my wonderful new Los Gatos office on Tuesdays, and available by phone and email. In addition, I offer weekly distant healing sessions as a 4-week subscription. Embrace and allow the changes in your life!