“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” – Margaret Lee

This has been a challenging – and interesting – couple of weeks. I have been dealing with a situation here at home that has me feeling angry, fearful, mistrustful, and out of control. When things happen in our lives that are upsetting, it is way too easy to think too much about it – to get ourselves all worked up, to keep adding fuel to the fire. And – when we think of the Law of Attraction – what we are doing is getting more of what we don’t want!

I have written a number of articles about healthy boundaries, about protecting ourselves from energies that are not ours or don’t serve us. I teach my students and my clients to pull out cords from others.

I really busted myself on this one! I was the problem. I realized that in my angry and upset feelings, I was energetically hooking into the upsetting person and situation. I was doing exactly what I have taught so many people to defend themselves against. “Watch out for people hooking into you!” Well, in this case I have been the culprit – very interesting!

I hate feeling upset. I love to be happy and feel good. So, as much as I felt like the “victim”, once I admitted that I was a big part of the problem, it was time to shift the energy. I “hooked up”. I consciously unhooked from the person and issue, and consciously hooked up from my head to my source. And everytime my mind would wander back to the challenging situation, and I would notice myself getting upset, I would hook up – and, guess what? I would feel good!

I learned so much! I did not really realize that when we are angry or upset with others, and stuck in a negative loop thinking about them, we are cording to them – we are hooking in – and it hurts us! It is a lose / lose scenario. It is not about who is right and who is wrong, or feeling justified at being angry and upset. It is about wanting to feel good and hooking up.

I did not change the situation, although I know it will be resolved very soon. I changed my focus and my energy – I caught myself and hooked myself up to source. How humbling and how powerful.

I also did alot of tapping, I used Reiki distant healing, I cleared our home. There are so many ways to heal and to clear and to help ourselves feel better.

So, if (or when) you are dealing with a stressful situation – catch yourself. Are you hooking in, or letting go? Are you working on your stress with tapping or Reiki or meditation, or are you feeling like the victim to circumstances outside of yourself?

We do have choice and power – and so many tools to use!

A fun update: A few days after I wrote this newsletter, the situation was resolved. The person apologized, and all is good!