Your body knows the answers… the trick is to ask the right questions and know how to receive the answers. You can ask your body anything – “yes” and “no” questions are the best place to start, but soon you will get more information. Your body will guide you to know what foods are best for you, whether or not to say something to someone, what clothes to wear. One of my favorites questions is “Is this mine?”.

Watch my video to get started listening to your body.

When I ask “Is this mine?”, the “this” in question could be a pain in my body, an emotion that comes in, an illness. It can even be things like challenges with money, time, relationships…

A couple of years ago, I was noticing a bit of congestion and slight discomfort in my heart area, so I started paying attention. One morning while doing Reiki on myself, I tuned in and “saw” a gray cloud around my heart. Hmmm – I would prefer to not deal with heart disease! I sat with the gray cloud for a bit, and asked myself the key question: “Is this mine?”

The first sense I got was of my father who had a massive stroke when he was only 56, and died in 2006 at 84. He had big abandonment and love-ability challenges. The answer to my question was “NO!”. I had taken on some of dad’s heart sadness. Most of us carry a fair amount of our family’s issues, and we can release and heal it all. It does not help our family for us to carry their pain or disease. What helps is for us to let it all go, to free ourselves and them.

Our bodies are brilliant. They do their best to support us; they do their best to keep going no matter what we do to them. And, if we pay attention and listen, they can be our best guidance. The key is to pay attention. Actually that’s the key to intuition in all forms. And, then to learn to trust what you are receiving.

I encourage you to start 2016 by learning to receive constant guidance from your body. When I teach intuition, I always start with the body, and learning to recognize the “yes” and “no” answers it is giving you.

I hope you will join me and learn to be better friends with your body, and open to your natural intuition.