I wrote these words on Sept. 11, 2017 – after a lovely, magical day at Disneyland: “I am in a place of immense gratitude – for my life, for this short and magical time away, for Jim and my sister and my friends and for my talents and gifts.. I feel like I am in a place of love and grace – and gratitude.”

That evening, my friend and I had watched the new Fantasmic show, followed by amazing fireworks. Fantasmic reminds us that nothing is more powerful than the imagination, as Mickey withstands the evil forces that invade his dreams. Interestingly, it took Mickey saying “Wait a minute – this is my dream” for him to choose, in his imagination, beauty and love instead of fear and destruction. Good overcame evil, and love prevailed. And, of course, we all cheered.

It got me to thinking – what are my dreams and wishes? Yes, I want plenty of money so that I always have more than enough and can share. Yes, I want good health and happiness. Yes, I want peace on earth and a healthy planet.

I was surprised at what came to me during my meditation, as I sat with the question “what are my dreams?” “I want to be love.” I want to BE LOVE.

I have been doing alot of sending love – to my friends, clients, family, to our country, to our earth, to the many places with fire and floods and horrible events. Now, my sense is to, of course, keep sending the love – and also to BE love. So that all who are in my energy are touched by love.

Love is the ultimate healer. Just love. We don’t need special powers or techniques, we can just love. When we are connected with our own spirit and the divine, when we are present in our bodies, we are much closer to being love. Energy Healing helps you get there.

Breathe in love, breathe out love.