We are such funny creatures – always trying to keep things the same, thinking it helps us to be safe, that it supports us. But there is no constant – the sun rises and sets, we sleep and wake, the seasons change, our bodies change, we eat, eliminate, need to eat again …

Today, September 22, is the first day of Autumn. You can smell it in the air, see it in the light. I was reading a post on nationalgeographic.com that explained the equinox: “The word “equinox” comes from Latin and means “equal night,” referring to the roughly 12-hour day and night that occurs only on the two equinox days of the year.” Interesting! I never knew that!

Autumn is about harvest – celebrating and letting in the harvest from what we planted in the spring and tended during the summer. We harvest, and then we rest as winter comes. And the cycle continues.

I am blessed and grateful that my life is comfortable, and I notice that the older and more comfortable I get, the more I tend to resist change. And yet this has been a year with many changes.

In May of this year, I unexpectedly lost my subtenant in my San Jose office. I quickly started looking for a new person to share the office with – but after about a month, I realized it was not happening. I did not want to find a new office. And, yet, one morning while I was in Hawaii on vacation, I woke up and realized it was time for change. When I got really honest about the San Jose office, I liked the place and the other people there alot, but for most of the 4 – 5 years I was there, I had some challenges with people I shared my room with. That morning I emailed the main lease holder, and gave my 30 days notice. I did not know where I would be going, but I knew it was time to let go and move on. It was scary to jump without a parachute!

I set my sights on Los Gatos. I spent alot of time looking for a new treatment room that I could rent for just one day per week. I looked at the ads, but I also reached out to healing centers that might be willing to rent me a room.

I ended up finding a building I really liked, but the first room I looked at was too small. Then I looked at another room – then 3rd time was the charm. I am happy to say that as of July 5 – I have a wonderful new treatment room in Los Gatos to use on Tuesdays, complete with easy access, lovely trees, and good parking. One door closed and another opened. Come in for a healing session!!

Not long after I returned from Hawaii, I had this strong sense to get a new (well, used), smaller car. I have had my wonderful SUV for nine years. It was great for hauling massage tables and class supplies. But I don’t need a big car now! And, I was looking at the symbology – my car is my vehicle; my body is my vehicle. And, those of you who know me know that my body is bigger than I would like. So, I started looking at smaller cars.. And, after driving lots of cars, I am happy to say I have a new (used) beautiful teal colored Prius. I bought it on July 4th – Independence Day. Interesting! Not the car I was thinking of, but when I drove it, I got a “yes.” So, once again I followed my intuition and jumped in (with only a little kicking and screaming).

Then I had a sense that it was time for a new iphone.. I know, it sounds like I am going a bit crazy spending money. But it just felt like time to upgrade. I love my new rose gold iphone – and it is very funny. It talks to my Prius that has bluetooth. I still don’t completely know how to control it – sometimes music from my phone just starts playing in my car. Or a phone call comes over the speakers in my car. It is sort of an adventure – and more good learning. And it makes me laugh.

Change can be hard – it forces us to be more present, to think, to learn new things (I am still figuring out all the fancy computerized things in the Prius). Change is energizing and can feed creativity.

Intuitive Energy Healing can help you let go of the old, tired energy and open to new energy. Contact me for a hands-on or distant healing session.

I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall day, the change of seasons, the changes in your life, and that you are feeling good!