Actually, the quote says “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”  Hermes Trismegistus

A while back, I was feeling off-center – grumpy, not sleeping well, like maybe I was “fighting something”, low energy. I was sensing inside my body and checking into my emotions for a cause, and I was using the tools I know to feel better. One of my first questions I ask myself is “is this mine?”. I was not getting a clear answer from anywhere – I was just not feeling good.

Then I remembered to check my aura! I have to admit, it was one of those “duh” moments. When I put my attention onto my energy field, outside of my body, I felt lots of “things” attached to me – and some areas, especially near the back of my head and neck that felt like there were some “holes”. What’s with that? I know better! Well, it is all about where we are putting our attention. I was focusing inside of my body and emotions, and I was also focusing on how to help others. I was not focusing on my own boundaries – my energy field.

OK – now I was getting somewhere! I was amazed at how much better I felt after cleaning up my aura! And, of course, the world is our mirror. After I noticed this in me, I have had a number of clients who have needed help to clean up and heal their auras – in many cases more than inside their body.

Most of us, including me, are more aware of our inner world than our outer world. I love to pay attention to my emotions, my insights, my body and how it is feeling. The truth is “As without, so within; as within, so without”.

We are all affected by our surroundings – by the energy of places and people. Some of us are more sensitive than others of us. I often tell my students and my clients that it is “a gift and a curse” to be so sensitive and intuitive. I would never give up my intuition, but it means that sometimes I am affected by outside energies in an uncomfortable way. The trick is to recognize when the energies are “mine” and when they are “not mine”, and clean up what is not mine.

One of the best ways we can keep our aura healthy is to be aware of and balance our chakras, because our chakras permeate and surround our physical body, and make up our aura. The fuller you are energetically, the “safer” you are – the more things will bounce off of you rather than stick to you or affect you. Visit my “Light Up Your Chakras Class” page for my new guided process to help you ground, energize, and balance your chakras.

Here are some tools you can use to help your aura stay healthy:

  • Get grounded – with a grounding meditation, with movement, with “tree time” (get your back against a big beautiful tree)
  • Get centered – with your intention, get in the middle of your aura. Most of us are chasing our auras down the street – we are literally “ahead of ourselves”.
  • Call in your “gatekeepers” – your guardian angels and protective guides, and ask them to help you hold your energy
  • Balance your chakras. Visit this page for a grounding and chakra balancing guided meditation.